New finished 11ft by 10ft rolled ice cream kiosk frozen yogurt bar for USA

Hot summer is coming! From last week, the temperature in Shenzhen has reached 33 degrees.

What about your country? In the hot summer, I believe the most favorite food will be ice cream.

Think about that, when you feel very hot and tried,  yummy ice cream will help you drop the temperature and make your mood happy.  Recent years, rolled ice cream becomes more and more popular in the ice cream area, many people prefer to do rolled ice cream and fried yogurt kiosk business.

Today I wanna share you a nice rolled ice cream kiosk we just finished for an American customer:

Rolling Ice Cream Kiosk

The ice cream kiosk we use plywood as a main material, and the surface we use the laminate. In order to make the kiosk more bright and unique, we add the light strip to decorate the kiosk. You can see the whole kiosk include the many light strip. Logo is necessary for the whole kiosk. You know many people need a good chance to know your brand. So the logo is necessary for your business. 

The size of the rolled ice cream kiosk is 11ft by 10ft, just loaded to Arkansas state, USA last week. It used dark blue color match white, add many blue led lights for decoration. Whole kiosk looks very nice.

Although the size of the kiosk is only 11ft by 10ft, but made full use of space. This one is a very functional kiosk. It can not only sell rolled ice cream, also sell soft ice cream and frozen yogurt. You can see the kiosk include many light boxes. The light box can advertise the food and let many people know your brand.

More basic info for this ice cream kiosk

1.size: 11ft by 10ft

2.Color: dark blue and white

3. material: counter-top used white Corian,  the surface used blue and white solid-core laminate.

4. Accessories: hand wash sink, three hole sink, toppings, illuminated logos, led signatures, led backlit menus, led lights.

Production Process

The production process include the 3 steps. The whole production process include wooden cabinet, stick laminate and the installation. The wooden cabinet is first step for our whole project. During the step, we will reserve the sockets place, logo place, light box place. Stick laminate into the wooden cabinet surface will be better than other places. Finally, we will install the logo, light strip, light box and some accessories.

Now let’s see the real production photos







You can see our works, the kiosk did as design and drawing exactly. We are a real factory, and provide the good quality at competitive price. You also can provide the light box poster that you like. We will add it on the kiosk.


The whole time include the design time, production time and shipping time. You know the design is very important for the whole step. The 3d design will take 3-5 working days. In general, most of our customer will reserve enough time to prepare it. Because we all know that the appearance of the kiosk is very important. So i suggest that you reserve 1-2 weeks will be better for it.

For the production time. you know there are 3 steps. And will take 22-25 working days totally.

Shipping time based on which port is near to you. We all know that different port will have different shipping time. You can tell me which port that you want to ship to, we will help you check it.

Do you like this ice cream kiosk?

If you are interested in it and wanna more details, just feel free contact us. We will assist you do it and design new one for you.

And you can click our web for more models:

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