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Salad is seen in our daily meals, it vies as healthier food. People who want to stay in shape also eat salad. So, it’s a good idea to open a salad kiosk in the mall. You can also sell other healthier food to earn more money, such as fresh fruit juice, vegetables, etc. Today, I want to share a wonderful salad kiosk with you.

Attractive juice display counter

This salad kiosk has a roof, floor, sales counter, glass display showcase, wall cabinet, and storage cabinets. The main color is yellow color with white and black decoration. Material includes tempered glass, 3D brand sign letters, plywood, stone, etc.

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Introduction of salad kiosk

The front side has a cashier counter and glass showcase. Clients order and pick up goods here. There is a slogan on the counter, which can impress people and help brand communication.

The backside has wall-mounted cabinets, display counters, and even reserve space for equipment. While the side view has glass shelves display. Ceiling light hangs are mainly used to increase brightness. Large brand name set on the ceiling.

It has two dining tables in the front, clients can sit down and eat kiosks. Sales window and entrance dor all made up of glass with black frame. Clients can see the inside layout and work well and can also keep away from the working bench.

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More information

This salad kiosk can be customized according to your needs. It is 3m by 2m, a standard size for food business. You can install it in the shopping mall or even set outdoors. However, mall food kisok has different material requirements than outdoor kiosks. Because outdoor kiosk has to be rainproof, fireproof, anti-wind, and anti sunshine. So, please kindly let us know your needs first, then produce this food kiosk.

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