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Fruit juice is healthy food. Especially in the hot summer, a glass of cold fresh juice can eliminate the body heat, loved by young friends. So if you want to start a food business, to start a juice business is good. You can rent a location in the shopping mall and establish your own brand.

Our aim is to help you to make a good juice kiosk design to fit your business. And then you can use it to enlarge your business. Now let us have a look at a juice kiosk design.



This is a juice kiosk design with a fashionable and modern look. On the front side has the 3D lighted logo, which can customize with your brand logo. It has the menu TV on the top then the customer can choose and order the food they want.

For the material of the juice kiosk, we use plywood with laminate. And because it needs to touch the water, the countertop use mam-made stone or quartz stone both good.


Usually, the first step to making a juice kiosk is to customize a 3D design. We have a professional design team that can make a perfect 3D design for you. The customer can send us the location size and the brand logo. Our designer can make it in the 3D model and send it to you.

The customer can check and let us know if any comments about the design. We can discuss this with our design team and change the design as you like. The design revision is for free. Finally, we can make the construction drawing for you to get approval from the shopping mall management.


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