Wood and Metal Juice Kiosk Donuts Stall in Mall

juice stall

A juice kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping center. People can hold on to steps and taste them. You can also sell donuts, cakes, coffee, bubble tea, and even ice cream to increase business. Today, I want to introduce a wood surface juice kiosk to you.

Wood and metal juice kiosk design

The size is 3m by 2m, includes a wood counter, wall cabinet, roof ceiling, decoration lighting, and storage cabinets. We use Plywood to build the wood body and the surface material is wood veneer, solid wood decoration. Ceiling light, light lamp mainly use to decorate the juice kiosk.

wood kioskFront table

The front counter has a black metal triangle decoration. Glass display case is set on the counter, clients can buy cakes here. Besides, the POS system is always set here for checking bills. Under the counter has lock cabinets to place more products.

Back counter & wall shelf

The back counter has a water sink, equipment space, and display area. There is a wall here with shelving. Therefore, you can place more products and raw materials for sale. Right side wall also has wall cabinet in colorful decoates.

juice kioskCeiling & lighting

The ceiling has a grid full of the top ceiling. There are many bubble lighting as a decoration. Besides, you can also set brand logo to the brand sign at the top, so that people can see the brand sign from different directions.


Advertising is very important for a food kiosk in mall.You can use posters, light box painting, TV player and stickers to promoting your products and brand culture. It’s better to find a good place to put up ads. Such as counter body, back wall, side wall, hang under ceiling, etc. If you don’t know where is a good location, the designer can help you create a 3D design and show you the final effect.

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