If you ask me what my favorite pie is, I will definitely say it is a crepe. Crepes originally originated in France, but slowly spread to all over the world. Especially in the United States, many shopping malls will attract a large number of crepes sellers. They will like businesses that bring customers to operate in their shopping malls. Generally, high-end shopping malls such as Simon and GGP require the crepes merchants to have a certain reputation and ability.

Like these more strict shopping malls in the United States, they will ask you to make kiosk at their designated kiosk manufacturer. If you want to make this crepe kiosk in China, because our price is really cheap. Then we need to make a complete set of drawings to pass the review by the store executives and store managers. You need to negotiate with the store manager about the size of the kiosk, which is generally 10x10ft. If you want a larger size, it is convenient for more employees to work in it. And can deal with it calmly during busy times. Then you need to apply for a larger size with the store manager. It’s not that simple, so you may need to spend a little more money.

You can see the design of this kiosk, which can not only sell crepes, but also display small cakes, egg tarts, bread and so on. The kiosk is surrounded by stickers of various shapes, and the whole design is a bit palace style. The logo is a stainless steel light box, which can emit light and is of good quality.

If you want to make a crepes kiosk, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you!




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