Are you going to open a food kiosk in the mall center? Food booth become more and more popular among people. It’s a great idea to open a food kiosk in the mall center. Especially for the owner who don’t want to spend much cost, mall kiosk is a good option. Today, I am going to share a unique food kiosk with you. You can use it to sell crepes, coffee, bubble rea, snacks, etc. and earn more profit. Let’s view more information together.

3D design picture show

From the picture, we can view the food kiosk directly. You should decorate the food kiosk on your own idea. Only in this way, can you get a special and attractive crepe counter. That’s why we should make a design first.

tea showcase coffee tea stand bubble tea kiosk

Introduction about crepe kiosk

The orange crepe kiosk has working counter, storage area, display showcase, etc. That can help you better to do business and show the products in a good way. In the front side, it is a checkout counter in the middle and you can place the menu for customers to order. The right side are two crepe machines with working counter. Large under counter fridge is set in the back side. In order to make full use of the space, logo stand and sink on the middle counter. We help our customer make full use of the space and add light box for advertise. Do you like the orange kiosk design?

  1. Size: 5m by 3m
  2. Color: Orange and solid wood surface
  3. Function: Display showcase the food and drink
  4. Main material: Plywood
  5. Surface: Laminate and solid wood bar
  6. Countertop material: Stone
  7. Kicking: Stainless steel
  8. Other materials: Acrylic, light box, tempered glass, etc.

If you have any new idea about food kiosk, please feel free to contact us! We are glad to help you better and even share more picture with you. Thank you

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