Food kiosk and food shop can easily find nowadys. Food kiosk become popular nowadays become everyone likes delicious food. Are you going to open a crepe kiosk in the mall center? Only good serve and good taste can help you earn more regular customers. However, please don’t ingor the kiosk decoration. Besides, an attractive food kiosk can high light your products and makes your shop stand out. Today, I want to introduce a customized food kioks with you. It is used as crepe kiosk, ice cream stand, smoothies shop, coffee booth and other snacks. That can help you earn more money.

Introduction about the food kiosk

The main color of the kiosk is green with blue line for decoration. And the counter top and column is wooden grain color. From the picture, we can see there are crepe machine, cafe machine, topping bar and microwave on the counter top. While the refrigerator and roll up ice cream machine also install inside the kiosk. So you should confirm all the machines and its in advance, so that we can find a suitable location to install them. The drawers and cabinets is on the bottom for storage. And the sink with water system is set closed to the entance. Then you can put brand logo on the top ceiling, which can let people know you from far away. Do you like this design for your food shop?

crepe stall

Material show:

We will choose the suitable material to make your mall kiosk. The basic material is Plywood. The surface is laminate and solid wood. Other materials including stainless steel, acrylic, light strip, quartz stone, etc. If the mall need special materials, we can use the one you require.

If you have a favorite style, please send us here. We can give you a quote and make small changes to meet your demand. You are welcome to discuss more ideas. Thank you.

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