2x2m Small Size Food Kiosk Crepe Kiosk Design Food Booth For Sale

Crepes originated from global snacks in the Brittany region of northern France. If we want to talk about its status in France. Then I think “national snacks” are the most appropriate.

On the streets of France, you can often see street vendors pushing unique trolleys to make exquisite and delicious crepes on a large round iron plate. In addition, there are many crepe shops on the streets of France. And guests can sit down and enjoy crepes. Even more exaggerated, there is a street called Paris Street in Paris! How is this going? The street is full of crepe shops (it is said that there are at least 12 in each block!). And the crepes here are known as authentic Brittany. As a crepe fan, I said that I was not calm yet, and I wanted to board the plane immediately and start the journey I could eat.


This kiosk is a small size, only 2x2m, but if for one people to work it is enough. It can for you to start a small kiosk business. Not need too much money and then you can start. Did you move? Let’s start to begin it!


How to start the design for the crepe food kiosk?

Our designer team will design a new kiosk with your location size and if you have the logo we will add it on.

We will help you to complete the design until get approval from the shopping mall.

For the design we will charge 300USD design deposit but it will deduce from the total cost.

For the food kiosk we will leave the space for your equipment machines, so before we make the design, please send us the equipment list.





Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
WeChat ID: ShenzhenUnique




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