Attractive candy store display customize candy shop furniture

For the candy shop, we need to make the interior decoration more attractive. Except for the interior design of the candy store, the display furniture is also very important. Are you looking for the display showcase to fill with your candy shop?

We have done many candy store furniture. You can check our website for some candy store designs and display cabinet designs for your reference. You can choose from them and order directly or we customize a new candy shop design for you. This post is for an idea of a candy shop with an attractive design, hope you can get something from us.


Candy store display furniture

Circle cashier counter for the candy shop

This is a huge candy shop with sell chocolate, sweets, lollipop and toys. In the middle of the candy shop, it has a circle shape cashier counter. This circle counter has 5-6 area for the cashier and with the shelves display for some candies.

On the front of the cashier area, it sticks the posters with dot design. And on the umbrella ceiling, it writes ” PAY HERE”, then the customer knows here is the cashier counter.


Small display shelves cabinet for chocolate

The candy shop has many small display cabinets with shelves. They can use to display chocolate, toys and so on. For the round shape with 2 layers, the diameter is about 400mm.

The toy display cabinet with boat type, has 4 layers and the size is about 1500mm in length. It can display the products on the front side, the left side, the right side and the back side. All 4 sides can for you to display the products. This is a very useful display showcase design.


Candy shop display stand

In this picture, we can see some tower shape display stand. This display stands like a cake, looks really pretty. It has 4 shelves to display the products.

On the back wall, it has some wall display cabinets with the candy boxes and candy dispensers. This kind of candy display showcase can display the bulk candies.


Customize candy shop design

We can customize the candy store with your shop size. And for the color of the candy shop display showcase, you can choose whatever you like.

The size of the candy display cabinet usually we have the standard size. We can send you the size for your reference. If ok for you we can make the same. And if you want a bigger size or smaller size, we can customize a new one with your size.

For the material of the candy shop display showcase, we will use MDF with baking paint. We will install the led strip light on the display stand of the candy store for you.


How to start a candy shop design?

For the customize candy shop, we will charge a 500-800USD design deposit. Our design team will make a full 3d design with the interior decoration. And we will put the furniture inside to see the effect. Then we can see on the 3d design of the candy shop how many candy display furniture we need. Meanwhile, we can arrange the layout for the candy shop.

After you check the 3d design of the candy store, we can make the changes for you if you want. The revised service no more charges. Also, it will deduct from the total cost when you order. So actually the design is for free to you.

After you confirm the final 3d design of the candy shop, we will make the construction drawing for your final confirmation.

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