The candy display furniture I want to introduce today is displayed in a candy store in a park. We all know that the furniture in the candy store is not uniform. They have many very cute shapes and various colors. We also take this into consideration when we help customers design furniture in the store. When children pass by a candy store, they are always attracted by the candy and cute furniture inside. To be profitable like a store, the most important thing is to attract customers to spend. So, if you have a candy store, we suggest making a design. Through the design, we can understand whether this furniture meets our requirements, whether they look attractive and do not match the style of our shop.

Candies Shop Attractive Furniture

The appearance of this bear display cabinet is very cute, it is a double-sided laminate display, it can be placed directly in front of the store or in the middle of the store. We just need to put our products on it, it’s very simple.


Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Color: Brown ( Customize)

Price: 900 USD


This display stand is in the shape of an owl, with its pointed ears and its entire shape. Its height is relatively high. Since it is also displayed on both sides, it is not suitable for placing it against a wall. It is best to place it in the middle of the store. The display area in the middle is oval, which looks softer and safer.

Size: 120x40x220cm

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish:Baking paint

Color: Yello (Customize)

Price: 800 USD

Heterosexual Display Cabinet Craft

We have our own factory, and all of our products are custom-made purely by hand. We have made countless candy display cabinets. Due to their special shape, their materials can only be MDF and baking varnish. The color rendering of the paint is very good, we can choose the color we like, and they can all be customized.

When the customer places an order, we will submit the construction drawings of the display cabinet to the factory. Our workers will check the construction drawings before starting work. If there are no problems, they will start production. Our work is very rigorous. Before spraying the color, we will also confirm with the customer to avoid errors. So the final product you get will definitely satisfy you.

Candy Stand Packaging

When the goods are completed and photographed to the customer for confirmation, we will start packing. Our packaging has two layers, one is the packaging of the goods themselves, and the other is the outer packaging. First, we will use pearl cotton to wrap the corners of the cabinet, and then wrap the entire cabinet with stretch film. Then we will make a suitable wooden packing box according to the size of the cabinet. When the goods are put into the packing box, we will put some foam boards in it. In this way, the packaging of this cabinet is complete.

How to order candy shop furniture?

If you have a shop, we need to design it first. Our designers will design suitable furniture according to the floor plan of your shop. We will also design the layout and some decorations. When we finish the design, we can clearly know which furniture we have. We can also see the specific display effect through the design.


Design fee: 400-800$. It depends on the shop area.

Design time: 3-4 working days

Production time: 28 working days

The design allows modification.



Is it free shipping?

The shipping cost is based on the goods of volume and your country.

How do I pay?

You can pay through TT wire transfer, Western Union, or Alibaba trade assurance.


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