Bubble waffle is a Hong Kong street food, it’s very welcome all around the world.  The juice is made from eggs, sugar, butter, flour, and milk.  it’s a very healthy food service and Children’s favorite.

bubble waffle kiosk

Waffle Kiosk for Sale

We can see the whole kiosk mainly tone is white and purple. match some colorful round shape acrylic plate decoration. inside is hidden led light, its very attractive at night.


the front part of this kiosk is a menu list. small cashier counter, a topping station with glass baffle. at the bottom is a TV to show. the right side is four bubble waffle machine.  the back side is an oven, small fridge, and a double stainless steel sink.

We can see the whole kiosk inside is some wooden cabinet for storage, also have many under counter spaces to put the fridge, freezer. do you like the whole kiosk layout and color match?


bubble waffle kiosk

  • Size:3000x3200mm.
  • Color:  white, purple.
  • Material: MDF, tempered glass, stainless steel.
  • Logo: hollow luminous logo, 3d luminous logo
  • Hardware: through lock, stainless steel handle, drawer slide
  • Others: stainless steel baseboard, LED light strip, 8mm tempered glass, white artificial stone

Production Process

Before we produce the kiosk, we need to confirm the 3d design and construction drawings firstly. We need to do the wooden cabinet firstly. The wooden cabinets are made into several wood boards. When we produce the wooden cabinet, we will reserve the sockets place, logo place, light box. Then we will polish the wooden cabinet to make the surface more smooth. We will do the 4 primers and the 2 baking pints after the polish. The final step we do the installation, we will install the logo, light box, the led- TV, sockets and glass panel.

What Materials we will use on the mall food kiosk build?

  • MDF+baking painting finished. Surface is very smooth and glossy. The appearance looks very high end, highly malleable and can be used to construct specially-shaped counters.
  • Plywood+fireproof plate finished. It will have options for the wood grain color, high hardness, high water resistance.
  • Artificial Stone: It usually will be used as a counter-top, high hardness, not easy to scratch, easy to clean.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel can as the whole counter based material,we can use the stainless steel counter top. Durable, healthy and easy to clean.

bubble waffle kiosk

When will we receive the kiosk?

When we produce the kiosk, it include 3 period time. First period is design time. It will take 3-5 working days. For the production time, it will take about 22-25 working days. If you want to know the shipping time, you need to tell us which city you located or which port is near to you. We will check the time for you.

How about the Package?

The package includes the outside package and interior package package. For the interior package, we will use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the wooden cabinet. Then we will use the film to fix it. We will use the MDF to make the wooden cabinet. Finally, we will put the interior package into the outside package.

How to Install?

We will divide the kiosk into several parts, and produce it. When you receive the kiosk, you just put the cabinet according to the construction drawings. Then connect the wire together. The kiosk can work.

Thanks for your time and reading, we are unique kiosk mainly work on the design. And customize different types of mall retail kiosks for more than ten years.  If you’re interested to start a bubble waffle kiosk like this one, or related information. Just feel free to contact us here.

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