Arc-shape Food Counter Ice Cream Kiosk Open in UK Mall

Hello, welcome to our website, as we all know, no matter what season, many people like to eat ice cream. The ice cream very popular, so are you want to join the ice cream business? If yes, are you looking for an ice cream kiosk to make your business better? Our workshop has some beautiful ice cream kiosks, hope you can consider them, now let me introduce to you a nice and attractive kiosk.

Suitable location

This is a point recognized by almost all owners. Because if the location is wrong, no matter how good the ice cream is, no matter how good the boss is, it will be useless. The choice of the store is of course somewhat related to the attributes of the product. But roughly speaking, the vicinity of the store, either an office building or a bustling business district is required.

Otherwise, it must be near a major arterial road or crossroads with a lot of people. It is also a good choice near a school. A pure residential area is usually less suitable for opening a store. Of course, you must also pay attention to whether there are similar or similar stores nearby. After all, the more profits of competitors will be diluted.

Kiosk style

Ice cream kiosk is a trendy business model, and its customers are the most fashionable people. Therefore, the style of the ice cream kiosk must be fashionable and have its own design style. In terms of styling, we can The design of the ice cream kiosk should choose bright colors to make it easier to attract customers’ attention and allow more potential customers to patronize.

The customers of the ice cream kiosks are mostly young people and students, and the dark colors are not suitable for the warm and happy direction of ice cream. Therefore, when designing an ice cream kiosk, you should pay attention to using bright colors to match the feeling of vitality and not glaring.

As you see, the ice cream kiosk’s shape very unique, it looks just like a piece of delicious chocolate. The suave white on the top and the eye-catching red on the bottom is more unique. In addition, it has a glossy interior and veneer, exquisite workmanship, perfect layout, durable material. Besides, it has a simple but novel design, believe it will attract many customers, your business will become better.

The main material is MDF with baking paint. And the countertop is white color man-made stone. The back side has space for the roll ice cream machine.


How to make an ice cream kiosk design?

First, you need to contact and share your ideas with us. Such as your location size, your favorite color, your logo and so on. Then we can help you make a new unique design and put all of your ideas on it.

Second, you can submit the design to the shopping mall to get approval. If the mall manager has any questions about the design, we will discuss with you and modify the design. After we get mall approval, we can work on the kiosk construction plan and start production of the ice cream kiosk.

Then, we will begin the production of the ice cream kiosk. Usually, build it about 25-28 working days. We will take photos and update the progress during production, so that you can check everything.

In the end, when we finish the production, we will assemble it and take photos or videos for you to check. If you check everything good, then we will package and arrange shipment to your port. We also can direct send this ice cream kiosk to your door to door address.

Please feel free to contact us for more details by email Thank you!

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