Italian Gelato Kiosk design for the mall.

This is a 5×3 meter Italian gelato kiosk design with a column embraced, sometimes when you get a lease in the mall, you are not getting an exact square or round shape of the places, then you need a smart designer to adapt the gelato design into a perfect combination.

This is an Italian gelato kiosk design, which is also named as ice cream kiosk design, actually, they are the same thing, just Gelato is the Italian language for ice cream.

Size: 5x3m

Material: Plywood and laminate

Countertop: Black man-made stone

Logo: Acrylic

Others: Sink, lightbox

Production time: About 28 working days

Packing method: Wooden box

Mode of transportation: By sea

Kiosk Material Description

Gelato is very popular in shopping malls. Our customers come from all over the world and they have all got different positions in the mall. Our kiosk is designed according to their ideas and location. The size of the kiosk below is relatively large. Its material is plywood and laminate, and the countertop is black artificial stone. Almost all food kiosk countertops in shopping malls use stone. It is durable and easy to clean. The surface of this Italian gelato kiosk uses wood grain laminates and purple laminates. There are many choices for our wood grain laminate. It has many colors and patterns. If you don’t like the color in the picture below, we can send other options.

Kiosk Content

From the design, we can see this kiosk has some big equipment, such as a gelato machine. If you have this machine, you need to tell me the size, so we can leave a suitable position on the kiosk. In the front is the display area and cash resist, the backside is the water sink. If there is no water source in your mall, we can install a water system. At the top is some lightbox, we can display our gelato pictures or our menu. We can see there are many light boxes around the kiosk,  they can use as the kiosk decoration, we can also put our logo on the kiosk. Below are the materials and contains details of this kiosk.

Kiosk Installation

What we provide is a full set of gelato kiosk, we will install a lightbox, logo, sink, socket light on the kiosk. Taking into account the reason for transportation, our kiosk needs to be split into several cabinets to make and pack for transportation. When you receive the goods, you only need to put all the cabinets together according to the position on the design drawing, and then connect the sockets under them, and you are almost done. Since our kiosk has a roof, our roof needs to be fixed with screws. If you still don’t understand, we will send you an installation video during production. It is very simple. There is the main power supply at our cash register, you need to connect the main power supply to the power supply of your store, and then turn on the switch.

How to custom a gelato kiosk?

Do you have any questions about this gelato kiosk? We are an export company, so when we install sockets, we will use your national standard sockets. You will not worry about it being unusable. If you get a location in the mall and you want to customize a kiosk for your gelato, you can tell us the location of the mall. If you have a kiosk-style you like, you can send it to us. Our designers will design our kiosk according to all your requirements. We can provide you with all the information about the mall to help you get the approval of the mall. After it gets approved, we can start production. You can send me your logo and the pictures you want to display.

So our ordering process is very simple:
1. Tell us the size you want, all your equipment, your favorite color or kiosk-style.
2. We can design the kiosk according to your Ideas, the design fee is 300$, and it will be refunded when we place the order.
3. When finishing the design,  and submit it to the mall for review, and we can modify it if the mall has suggestions.
4. Pass the review and start production. The payment terms are 50% deposit and 50% final payment.
5. After the production is completed, we will ship to your designated port or address you designated.
6. When the goods arrive at the port, you can arrange customs clearance and pick up the goods, and then transport them to the mall for installation and completion.


The above is all the details of our cabinet. We welcome your inquiries and orders at any time.  For more gelato kiosk, please click here. Gelato Kiosk

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