Thank you for visiting our website, you must looking for a unique nail bar display showcase for your business, right? Maybe you will like this unique nail bar kiosk.

This nail bar kiosk measures 4m×3m, which is a very normal size in the shopping mall. Please follow me and see the whole layout and design, so that you should know why it suits your business. First, the whole kiosk highlight with LED light. Then, the body is full of the brand name with paint for decoration. Black brand letters and pictures are printed on a beige background, which is a more prominent and good decoration. Besides, all the display counter all used for the working table. That means you can serve 8 people at once, it’s full use of every space. You can also display some eye-catching products on the front counter, it will increase the sales volume. What’s more, light logo can be hung on the door head, in this height, people will catch you at first sight.

3m×4m high-quality nail bar display showcase beauty salon design for sale

If you need it to be your own nail bar kiosk, you need to know this information.

Whether you like this nail kiosk design? When you want to need to change somewhere, you should let us know at first. Because we should know what you really like and can give you a better design. Usually, the whole kiosk use MDF as the basic material, the finish we can see outside including man-made stone counter, baking paint surface, stainless steel kicking with an LED light strip. Some materials were hidden but also very important, like wires, hardware, locks, handles, sliders and so on. So when you have customized materials or other special needs, please let us know in advance.

A new 3D design takes 2-4 working days. Production takes 18-22 days. When you want to get your kiosks earlier, please make sure that you told us everything you want before design, otherwise, we need to waste more time to modify the design again and again. However, we will try our best to make you satisfied. As we have an excellent design team to design for you. Whenever you want to start, please contact us. Thank you for reading.

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