This is a food kiosk used in a shopping mall, similar to the design of an ice cream kiosk. This kiosk is dedicated to selling ice cream. The size of this kiosk is 4*2 meters. You can order your own size. We will make it according to your size.
Ice cream kiosk is one of our main products, and we have established hundreds of ice cream kiosks to sell. Here is an introduction to a very popular ice cream kiosk.

Ice Cream Kiosk

The main material of the kiosk we use the MDF as a main material. The surface we will use the baking paint as a main material. Besides ice cream, you also can sell the some other dessert. The whole color of the food kiosk we use white and blue. The counter top we use the coffee color. You can see the whole style of the kiosk is Modern and Europe. This kind of the style will be more convenient.


You can see there are 3 sides to sell the ice cream or dessert. The length side is 4m and can display all of your dessert. Front of the display stand we install the logo. Our customer can see the brand from two sides. For the 2m cabinet side, one is to display our product, one is for the door. The structure of the door is very popular and unique. It can attract people easily. You can see there are several holes in the display area.This is our exhaust hole. We open the hole according to the cooling hole position of the customer’s machine.

How to get a unique ice cream kiosk from Unique ?

To get a free design from us,Here blow are steps to follow.
1: tell us your specific detailed requirements, we have a professional design team and can customize the ice cream kiosk according to your needs;
2: when the design fee confirmed(300usd), 3-5 working days for our designers to design the 3D Max;
3: send the designs to customers, we will assist you to modify the 3d design to meet you and the mall standards.
4: while order confirmed, we refund the design fee to your deposit.


First of the all, we need to do the wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings and make the kiosk more accurate. We will reserve the electric line and relevant place for sockets. Second step is polish, the polish will make kiosk more sooth and easily to do the baking paint.  Third one is baking paint. We need do the 4 primers, then we do the baking paint. Forth, we do the artificial stone. Finally, install the logo, light box, light strip, sockets and so on.

How We Pack and Ship Your Kiosks ?


  • Clear the product
  • EPE Foam inner packed, all around the product.
  • Bubble foam each side protected
  • 10mm MDF with 18mm plywood frame cartons.
  • Paint the marks on wooden carton.
  • All steps are designed for safe protection and long distance transportation.
  • We will order shipment insurance for all order, the insurance is free.


How long can you receive kiosk after ordering?
Total delivery = Kiosk design progress + Kiosk manufacture time + shipping time to port + delivery time from port to mall
Kiosk design progress: 3-5 working  days( We suggest that you can reserve more time at this stage)
Kiosk building time: 20-22 working days
Shipping time to port :Please check which port is near to you.
Delivery time from port to mall: Around 7 days

Unique Display is a professional manufacturer to customize the ice cream kiosk for customers’ requirements. If you prepare to start food business, phone business, clothing business, and etc, you can tell us. We can produce the mall retail kiosk, shop furniture for you.

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