Hola, welcome to our website. I am waiting for you every day. Maybe this is your first time visiting our website. After seeing our products, you should know what we do. If you are looking for the mall kiosk, then you found the right place. I can usually see many roll ice cream pictures, it looks interesting and delicious, but I don’t know how does it taste. The most important thing is no one sells roll ice cream where I live. I am very upset. So roll ice cream is food that can attract someone’s eyes. If you do this business, I believe your business is good. We can usually see this food is on the street or in the shopping mall. When you want to start it, you must have a kiosk first. It can help you to do your business and entertain customers. It can be beautiful, clean and attractive. So can bring you a lot of customers. OK, let’s look at this mall roll ice cream display kiosk.


This is a mall kiosk. Size is 10x20ft. The kiosk front is the main machines roll ice cream machine. It with 2 working area, it can work at the same time. Next to the ice cream machine is a refrigerator. You can use it to freeze the ice cream or something else that needs to be frozen. In front of the work area is a glass screen. It can avoid direct contact between ice cream and customers ensuring food hygiene and customer safety. The backside of the kiosk is some drinks machine or ice cream machine. It can provide other foods. And it can also use as a cashier. People can order here then pick up the goods in the front. The right side is the sink, it can clean your hands or some tools. We can install the logo or lightbox poster in the kiosk. You can use it to develop your brand.

Ice cream display kiosk details

Size: 10x20ft

Material: MDF(basic material), Baking paint(surface finish), Tempered glass, Stainless steel sink

Logo: Acrylic logo (can be light)

Others: Lightbox poster, lock, keys, LED light

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Cathy Zhang


Whatsapp/phone number: +8613410683550

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