Are you looking for a best watch kiosk design? Here offer another nice watch retail kiosk concept for you. Watch retail kiosk in the mall always has a very good business. If you have a good supplier with good products. Start a watch retail business by a portable kiosk or permanent stands are great business trends.  Furthermore, if you have a bigger budget, start a watch store or luxury watch retail shop will be profitable ideas.

Mall used watch kiosk display unit design

Rather than working as a chessman under a mean boss. you can start your own business by setting up a small business. For example, open an RMU display unit in mall will be good.  Many medium level shopping malls will have Retail unit rental or kiosk rental, Just need to go to the manager office and apply for a lease. you do not need to spend a lot of money, and you can start a small business and be your own boss.

watch retail kiosk

Want a similar kiosk concept like the photo? Read more about it.

  • The size of the watch kiosk is a 10*10ft square model. all size can be customized according to requirement.
  • Best price on this watch unit: & 6800USD with all the logos, lights and strong wooden box packing. Price without shipping cost. Sent us your nearest port name or detail address, we can check the shipping cost CIF to port or door to door cost.
  • Kiosk design for free.
  • High-quality material used in manufacture the kiosk.


watch retail unit

When you want a large business, you can start a watch retail kiosk in mall. Kiosk investment is higher than a start a retail unit. what we call a retail merchandising unit.  The kiosk is a large size retail stall, as a result, vendors will bear higher pressure when taking such a lease. So, if you ready to start a kiosk business. Make sure you have a fully mature business plan.  Certainly, you can find another solution to dismiss the pressure that finds a cheaper cost kiosk.

Unique Kiosk is such a kiosk company that offers your high-level quality with low-level price. Does the low price mean bad quality? the answers are Absolutely not. It because we located in a lower cost city with lower labor and land cost. This advantage allows us to provide our clients with a high-end watch kiosk at a good price.

Check below more designs views of this watch retail kiosk.

watch display showcase

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