How to use MDF to make a hair salon kiosk

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In life, no matter what we buy, quality is our primary concern. The same goes for the showcases. The quality of the kiosk depends largely on its substrate. There are two kinds of substrates we commonly use. They are plywood and MDF. For example, food kiosks often use plywood as the base material. While other types of kiosks(such as jewelry kiosks, salon kiosks) is MDF. Today I want to share with you the specific process of using MDF to make a hair salon kiosk.

Introduction of MDF

MDF is a common substrate for commercial display kiosks. It has the characteristics of moisture absorption and high thickness expansion rate. And its surface is flat and smooth. This is convenient for painting and saving paint. As for the paint, you can choose from a variety of colors. And for MDF, it is not easy to deform. But you can make it into a special shape. Such as a circular or arc-shaped display kiosk.

And its cost is relatively low. After the surface treatment of baking varnish, the kiosk made by MDF has a very good gloss. And it looks very beautiful and modern. Therefore, it also often uses in the production of salon kiosks.

There are generally four processes for making hair salon kiosk using MDF. They are building wood body, filling and dry grinding, baking varnishing, and assembly.

Building wood body

First, we use MDF to make the hair salon kiosk body. And its size, color and production sequence are produced strictly in accordance with the construction drawings. In order to facilitate transportation, we usually divide the hair salon into several parts. At the same time, we will also install the internal wires of the salon kiosk. It is beneficial to the use of some lights and electrical appliances in the salon kiosk.

Filling and dry grinding

In order to cover the flaw on the wooden surface, we will first fill and dry sand the hair salon kiosk body. Then polish the cabinet. This facilitates to paint, and its surface coating will be more delicate and smooth. Making the hair salon kiosk more shiny and durable.

Baking varnishing

Next is the surface treatment of the salon kiosk—baking varnishing. First of all, we need to select the color of the paint (of course, the color is determined by the customer), start painting, and then repeatedly bake. The hair salon kiosk after the shape is bright and smooth. It is very beautiful.


Finally we will assemble the entire hair salon kiosk. We first connect all the cabinets together. And then start to install some accessories. Including its logos, light boxes, led lights, sinks, mirrors, locks, etc. Turn on the power and check all equipment. Also we will take photos and videos for you. So that you can see the real effect of the hair salon kiosk.

This is the detailed process of MDF making a hair salon kiosk. After reading it, do you want to make a unique and beautiful hair salon? If you have this intention, please contact us. We will design and customize a brand new hair salon kiosk for you according to your needs.

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