How to manufacture the outdoor kiosk?

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When we visit the mall, we always easily attract by those beautiful and unique display kiosk. Such as jewelry kiosks, cosmetic kiosks, food kiosks etc. Besides doing business in shopping malls, people now prefer to start business from outdoor kiosks. Usually when we go out or travel, we will see various outdoor kiosks. Such as bubble tea kiosk, coffee kiosk, cake kiosk, etc. These food outdoor kiosks can help us solve basic hunger and thirst problems. And allow us to relax and enjoy leisure time. So now the outdoor kiosks are very popular.

Outdoor kiosks have some advantages. Like sun protection, rain protection, moisture protection and stability. And it’s like a small house. The outdoor kiosk has roof, floor, doors and windows, some work counters. Even has tables and chairs for customers to eat. It is very convenient. Do you know how to make a beautiful and practical outdoor kiosk? Today I want to share with you the detailed steps of manifacturing an outdoor kiosk.

In fact, manufacture an outdoor kiosk = outdoor kiosk design + outdoor kiosk production + outdoor kiosk transportation

Outdoor kiosk design

The first step in manufacturing an outdoor kiosk is design. First of all, we need to have some ideas about this outdoor kiosk. For example, what does this outdoor kiosk sell? How big is its size? What style does the outdoor kiosk look like? What counters it has, etc. For these ideas, we suggest to make a design. The design can meet all your needs and let you see its actual effect. And design is necessary. We need to draw construction drawings according to the determined design. In this way, the outdoor kiosk will make as the construction drawings.

Outdoor kiosk production

After completing the design and paying 50% of the production deposit, it is time to produce the outdoor kiosk. The process of manufacturing an outdoor kiosk is from building a wooden body, trimming the surface to assembling the entire outdoor kiosk.

  • Build a wooden body. Our workers will start preparing materials according to the construction drawings. And then build the wooden body as its size and shape. At the same time, we will install the internal wires. So that the finished outdoor kiosk can normally use some lights or other electrical appliances.
  • Trim the surface. We need to fill and polish the surface defects of the wooden body. Such as rough places. After polishing, the wooden body will be relatively flat and easy to paint. So that the surface coating of the outdoor kiosk will be more delicate and smooth. This makes the outdoor kiosk more beautiful and more durable.
  • Assembly. We start to assemble the entire outdoor kiosk. Including its light boxes, stickers, sinks, wiring, etc. After installing all the accessories, we can see the overall effect of the outdoor kiosk. And we will take photos and videos for you to check.

Outdoor kiosk transportation

After collecting the loan, we will pack and arrange transportation for you. Our packaging is foam inside and wooden box outside. And the shipping time is usually within 25-28 working days. Of course, the exact time depends on your destination and mode of transportation.

After reading the detailed steps above, I believe you will have a better understanding of the process manufacturing outdoor kiosks. Although its process seems very simple, every step should be very careful. Especially the production step. We need to calculate all the dimensions and determine the color. So that the outdoor kiosk will be more stable and beautiful. If you want to customize an outdoor kiosk, please contact us. We will provide you with high quality services and products.

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