How to start if you want to open a bubble tea shop?

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The cold winter is coming to an end and the hot summer is coming. Every summer, the various bubble tea stores and coffee stores always do particularly good business. So every time in the approach of the summer, many businesses are preparing to open a beverage shop. If this is your first time to start the bubble tea business, you must feel confused. Don’t worry dear. Welcome to our website, we will help you solve all the problems.

First, very important, is the location of the bubble tea shop. The address of the shop should be chosen according to the customer flow. The quality and quantity of purchasing power and the quality of the shop itself, from which the cost is not high, the value added potential of the larger shops. Here are some suggestions for your reference:

  • Business district: shopping center, large supermarket, commercial pedestrian street.
  • Dining area: food court.
  • Entertainment area: amusement park, large entertainment place and tourist resort.
  • Campus: primary and secondary schools and universities.
  • Business district: office building.

In short, the address must be selected from the large flow of people, the surrounding consumer group is younger and strong purchasing power is also very important, because the size of the passenger flow directly affects the number of income.

The second is the need to find a special training institution to learn to make the bubble tea. Because taste is the fundamental factor in keeping customers. If the customer thinks your milk tea is not good, they may not come back after one visit.

Finally, the store decoration, which is very important. You need to find a design company to customize it for you. Our company can provide such customized services. Before decorating, you need to determine the design style of the entire store. All in all, it can be divided into the following:

  1. Modern style

The modern design style is more in line with the current young people’s aesthetic preferences. Because most of the young people do not like too fancy, and the consumer group of bubble tea is mainly young people. So our designers will choose the modern design style when doing the design for the bubble tea shop. In the design, use the adornment material of the foundation such as white black gray to fasten more and use concise and lively line to build a kind of relaxed and happy feeling.

  1. Elegant style

There are a lot of milk tea shops open in the business district and office buildings. These places come to taste bubble tea among the consumers are many of the business elite. They prefer a more elegant consumption environment. Therefore, the milk tea shop design company in these places for the milk tea shop design, often choose elegant design style, in order to better attract these elites.

  1. Vintage style

If the operator’s milk tea shop is in the cultural and creative street in the city, or in some scenic spots, then we will adopt the retro style to design. Because such design style can better be in harmony with surroundings, use porch, arch, palace lamp to wait for restoring ancient ways element to create a distinctive aesthetic feeling to the consumer.

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