How to Make a Salon Shop Attractive?

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Do you plan to open a beauty salon shop? Do you want an attractive salon shop furniture? Having a unique and high-end salon shop is every shop owner’s dream. However, opening a store that caters to everyone’s tastes is not easy. We not only need to consider store decoration, counter placement, and lighting decoration, but also improve service quality to create a good reputation. If this is your first salon, you can learn more here. If you already have a salon and want to double your turnover, you must not miss it

Beauty salon shop furniture

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people pursue fashion and beauty. Single products and services can no longer meet people’s needs. To adapt to changes in the market, many salons have launched a variety of businesses, including beauty, hairdressing, nail art, makeup, and other services. Regardless of when you plan to start your business, it’s important to find a good location to start your business. And don’t forget to ask the landlord to provide a floor plan, which is very important for subsequent decorating work.

Ceiling decoration

How to create a famous salon shop?

First of all, we need to pay attention to the overall decoration, what kind of style do you want? What style do your clients prefer? If your clients are young women, bright colors are recommended to create a stylish store atmosphere.

Hair salon store furniture

Secondly, divide the area according to the floor plan and the effect of the store. For example, if you are going to start hair, pedicure, and manicure services, then you can mark these areas on the floor plan. Don’t forget to set up the reception area, corporate image display area, and relaxation area. This step is very important

Nail studio

Next, make professional design drawings. On the design renderings, you can see the location and number of ceilings, floors, counters, the materials they use, and the overall and local details. Please don’t forget to find professional designers to help you, Unique Kiosk’s designers have more than 20 years of experience in salon store design, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also make detailed adjustments to the 3D design to get the perfect store design. You can completely decorate it according to the design.

Salon shop furniture

Finally, custom salon shop furniture. It is very important to choose high-quality furniture because it is where customers are served and where the corporate philosophy is most prominent. Salon furniture is produced in strict accordance with drawings, including materials, dimensions, layout, and installation details so that you can start your business with the salon furniture you want. You can choose to cooperate with Unique Kiosk manufacturers, we focus on the international market and have rich experience in the production and manufacture of salon shop furniture.

Salon shop layout description

For example, this popular salon store layout includes the nail studio (left side of the store), the entrance is a coffee bar area, and the right side is the hair salon working area and staff room. Of course, you can also find a partner to run the beauty salon shop together.

Nail studio

There are two lines of nail table set close to the wall, and a pedicure chair with a round sink placed against the wall. Adequate workspace and aisle space will be reserved when designing.

coffee bar area

Coffee bar

The coffee bar area is mainly used to make and sell coffee to increase turnover. It is an L-shaped wood grain counter, and on the countertop, we can place a coffee machine. The front glass counter can place coffee beans and other products. Wall cabinets and counters are set on the back wall, you can display more items for easy use. Gondola seats and tables provide customer seating areas.

Hairstyling area

The hair salon is a separate workspace that can allow 3 stylists to work together. There is a long display counter close to the wall, we can leave 3 areas for mirrors. Near the mirror has brackets to set hair tools for usage. A shampoo chair is set inside roo. There are display racks of different widths on the wall to place items.

Hair salon station with mirror


The staff room has cabinets with locks mainly for storing personal belongings and there is a water sink on the counter. Sofas and benches are also placed inside for the staff to rest. Restrooms are often required for stores, so consider them when renovating your store.

Staff room

Beauty salon store decoration

The decoration of the store is mainly based on pink and wood grain with gold metal counter decoration. It looks very dynamic and also attracts the attention of guests. We can even make countertops out of marble, easy to clean, that is wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant, making it better to use. Metal chandeliers with warm yellow light also add style to the store’s decor, don’t ignore shop wall decoration. Any decoration you like can be added to the store decoration for a better beauty salon store design.

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