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Neon lights have never left people’s field of vision. They can also call the beauticians of the city. Colorful neon lights not only decorate the streets and alleys very beautifully but are also use in the design of restaurants, cafes and bars. When you think of neon lights, you can think of very cool. But whether it’s monochrome or multi-colored neon, it’s both eye-catching and stylish.
And as a sign and decoration, the affordable price makes people love it more, and it can also bring a certain visual impact. With the development of technology, the LED neon lights we use now are very energy-saving.

Neon Lighting Background

Here are a few ideas on how to use them in your designs.

1. LOGO Sign

In general, neon lights have two main functions, one is as a logo, which plays a role in publicity; the other is decoration, to set off the atmosphere first function of neon lights is to use them to display your logo or name. When used as outdoor signs, they are able to attract customers from a distance, make your business more prominent, and due to their working characteristics. Their light spectrum has a strong penetrating power, which can also maintain a good visual effect on rainy or foggy days.

A bubble kiosk we designed

Help customers remember your logo signs when placed in their full field of vision. If your logo is really cool and attracts many customers to take photos and share, you can get free marketing at no extra cost. For example, we designed this neon logo in the shape of a milk teacup, so that customers can understand the products you sell at a glance.

We produced the neon bubble tea logo

2. For Decorations

Another function of neon lights is decoration, which widely used indoors and outdoors. The invention of lighting is to provide us with sufficient light sources, but neon lights are not the same. The charm of neon lights is that they can not only have lighting functions but also enhance the atmosphere and bring another visual dimension.

It also breaks through the static characteristics of traditional lighting and can form a flowing picture through program settings. Because of this, the bright, beautiful, and dynamic characteristics of neon lights cannot replace by any light source.

3. Fashion Trend

One of the most important reasons people still choose to use neon is that it is very trendy. They will share your kiosk and store on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

4. Creative

At the end, who said neon can’t be stunning, romantic, unique and well-matched – or whatever you want it to look like? Instead of simply making it a neon on a wall. On a door or window, or on a kiosk, they combine with different backgrounds to create different and original landscapes. Your backdrop can be an unfinished wall, a noisy city street, or any other natural scene. And neon lights work perfectly with it to create an eye-catching scene.

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