How to design the facade of children’s clothing shops?

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The children’s clothing store facade is the image of the store. If the facade hasn’t been decorated well, it will affect the customers’ feeling.People will feel the store is not professional. In this way, people don’t want to come in the store for shopping. The facade pf children’s clothing stores decoration of the store is very important.

About the store facade, the door decoration is very important. Most business shops spaces are big, and they will need to add the to business feature lead the people come into the shop. The standard of the facade decoration requirements is different according to different planning because they are locating in different places.But every interior decoration of different places has some relevant style and design demands. For example, the office, bedroom has their styles, we can know the direction of the design, so there are also some relevant points for the children’ clothing shops.

To unify the facade shape and the form and style of the surrounding buildings basically.

The facade decoration and building should adjust according to the wall proportion. To highlight the main points and know how to deal with the secondary things.

Look at this one facade of the children’ clothing stores, the glass door structure is very special because of the top frame fit the wall design well. The wall design is with wave shape based on the yellow and rice white color. People can see the inside part though the door. The inside part is very attractive for the children, because the design theme is space and astronauts. The children full with many new imaginations and prefer to come inside the shop.

facade of children's clothing stores 2

The entrance and windows are the important part of the facade.

Its location, size and layout should determine according to the specific conditions. For example,the store’s plane form, its environment and the width of the facade. The location scale of board, advertisement, sign and store emblem are suitable for the shop entrance and window.

We can see this one facade of the children’s clothing stores. It has one big sign to show the brand of the shop to show the brand information and image patterns to people.The expression is very clear and is easy for the parents to remember it. The entrance of the door is very big. Then the door has been decorated some cartoon pictures to get children’s eyes.There is one creative window close the entrance. The shop owner also puts the children mannequin to show the popular clothing then people can see the effects.The facade wall fulles with all many children cartoon factors. In fact, the childishness clothing shop is more attractive, and people will feel it is more professional.

facade of children's clothing stores 1

This one facade of children’s clothing stores is very fresh and modern. People can the inside layout and clothes at the facade very clearly. If the inside part is beautiful and attractive, it will lead the customers into the shop. We can see the simple and clear shop brand is on the shop top. The window and door frame is stainless steel and glass.Left window is shown one cute sign and right window is to show special light boxes to show the kid model who wear the fashion clothing to attract parents.

facade of children's clothing stores 2

Make full use of and organize the edge space of the facade of children’s clothing stores.

Such as shop front arcade, colonnade, hanging awning under the street activity space, etc.These edge spaces are not only the outward expansion of the interior space of the store, but also the inward extension of the outdoor commercial street.They are the intermediary space between the interior of the mall and the external environment, as well as the spatial nodes of the distribution, retention and pedestrian path system of the street and lane.

We can see the following facade design first. It takes good use of the spaces from the floor to the ceiling.Its window is blue frame.Many children mannequin to show the clothing styles. The window area is very big and it can take up people full visions.

facade of children's clothing stores 4

To deal with color treatment of facade of children’s clothing stores decoration.

Make full use of the contrast and coordination of colors.To achieve the effect of enriching the modeling. Besides, to create a more ideal visual charm with the artistic characteristics of modeling. The facade is suitable for high-brightness warm colors. Furthermore,the prominent components or key parts can match with corresponding contrasting colors. It is according to their physical characteristics and the needs of reflecting the decorative atmosphere of commercial buildings.

This one facade of children’s clothing stores is unique and creative. It is like a fairy tale world for kids. Its window and the wall is like house shape structure. Then the beautiful decoration with lights are put around the designs. Due to the interior design is pink and some yellow theme, so the outside facade should be bright not too dark. In this way, it can reflect and highlight the inside decoration, and the facade also can offer a good and new feeling to people. The colors match well.

facade of children's clothing stores 5

The color of the facade wall is green to make the inside decoration with warm lights. It has a big entrance and one big window to show the layout and clothing styles of the mannequin. A good color matches is important.

facade of children's clothing stores 6

Wide variety of materials are suitable for facade decoration.

You should use the texture and natural color of the material correctly. At the same time, the facade decoration is basically the same as the exterior wall and roof decoration of the building. You should considerate that the material is strong and durable. The materials can resist the invasion of wind and rain, and has certain anti-exposure, anti-freezing and anti-corrosion capabilities.

facade of children's clothing stores 7

Well, the above is the design points of children’s clothing facade decoration introduced by me, I hope to help you!

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