How to design a unique hotel reception counter?

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If The hotel got a 100 score, the front desk occupies 30. The front desk is the first impression of a hotel when guests when they enter the hotel, and it is also the opening window for the hotel to communicate with the guests.

The hotel front desk concept ideas are determined by the design of the whole space and have become the most important part of the hotel lobby design. A creative front desk design will surely impress the guests.

Today, Unique takes Xian Hotel as an example to explain what problems should be paid attention to in the decoration of the hotel front desk.

hotel reception desk design

One key point need to focus on

As a place where customers must go, the materials and workmanship of the front desk decoration must be exquisite. Generally speaking, different boards have different texture. Wood materials give people a warm, comfortable and heavy feeling. Metal materials give people a bright modern fashion meaning.

However, no matter which material, we must choose durable, non-fading products. The stone and solid wood is the ideal choice.

The front desk of Crown Plaza Hotel is made of SMC material, which can imitate the texture of various materials, and can keep bright and clean for 30 years.

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Two aspects need to note

The front desk design of the hotel mainly includes two aspects: color and shape. The choice of color depends on the hotel logo and the hotel decoration style. Front-desk modelling needs to match hotel type positioning.

The front desk of Xian Hotel is assembled with decorative panels in the shape of Xian Logo, which echoes the hotel logo on the background wall.

Three details that matters the whole reception desk design

Location: Generally speaking, the front desk has a distinct position at the entrance and the right entrance. It is not only a highlight of the hotel, but also a convenient way for customers to check out and consult.

Arrangement: reception Desks to be clean, beautiful, generous, green plants and flowers are also indispensable to reflect the image of the hotel and foil the atmosphere.

Height: The design of the front desk should take into account the uniform height of the front desk staff, so that customers can not see the service staff or the service staff is too abrupt in the front desk position.

As the fastest-growing characteristic hotel, the hotel has very high requirements for decoration. Not only is the reception desk, each product in the store not only conforms to the goddess’s aesthetics in appearance, but also meets the customer’s needs in practice.

hotel reception counter
hotel lobby design

Pay attention to the above points, and refer to the Xian Hotel, you can certainly create a suitable hotel front desk. If there are other questions, you can leave a message to us.

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