3 Important tips on getting an great office reception desk.

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The company’s front desk is the best place to reflect the company’s perception. The first impression of customers and business partners starts from the company’s front reception desk. That means, the guest started to learn your company as early as he enter the building. Sometimes a beautiful, efficient reception front desk in line with the company’s temperament will bring unexpected good luck to the company.

There are so many styles in the front desk. How do you choose them? What should we pay attention to when purchasing?

wooden white reception counter
wooden and white lamination reception front desk

Material Selection For Reception Desk

The decoration of the front reception desk should give customers three sensations: strength, profession, and scale. Therefore, the use of materials is the most important factors. First of all, we should avoid using transparent or translucent glass materials in large quantities, because too transparent will give people a feeling of unreliability. while metal materials should avoid non-ferrous heavy metals. Because of the heavy color and rigid lines will
give people a kind of invisible feeling and The sense of oppression, As a result, it will alienate visitors.

Nowadays, the popular materials are stone, aluminum-plastic board (ACP panel), stainless steel, wood paint and so on. However, in recent years, the plate-type front desk has gradually become popular. With its diverse texture and color, flexible style and economical performance, it is favored by many owners.

Reception counter Style

People who have had the experience of company decoration inevitably have such experience: a beautiful set of front desks in the exhibition hall moved to the company, it became stiff and abrupt, why?

First of all, it may be that the front desk and company LOGO walls, decoration style or the nature of the enterprise are inconsistent. So before purchasing a reception counter, we should have a global big perspective, imagine the actual effect in the office, to ensure the overall style coordination. One of the simple tricks is not to clash with the color of the home furnishings.

Secondly, we should not only focus on the appearance but also choose a functional front desk with large space under the desk to facilitate the induction of documents; the wiring port on the desk and the cable management system under the desk should be sound, which can support the smooth operation of electronic equipment without affecting the appearance.

office stone reception counter
unique marble stone office used reception counter

Finally, don’t lose your personality because of the pursuit of luxury. Only by avoiding stereotyping can you make a deep impression on the company at first sight.

Right Place  for Reception Desk

The geomantic omen designed by the front desk belongs to Mingtang District in office geomantic omen, which is the place of gathering air and holding air. It is an extremely important orientation. Choose a right place to locate your reception counter is the very first step to do.

To combine the owner’s philosophy, sitting orientation, geographical environment and the industry and other comprehensive layout design, guests enter the hall with an indescribable sense of intimacy, such layout is successful. The improper layout is not conducive to development, and will lead to bankruptcy and bankruptcy of enterprises.

reception counter in big office and bank

At the same time, the front reception desk should be vigorous, and more importantly. The five elements of the front desk should not overwhelm the owners, as well as smallpox, ground, walls, beams, and columns. The outside environment geomantic omen should be properly laid out too. which is the best front typhoon layout. Proper layout, flourishing natural business, and a wide range of financial resources.

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