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Now the pressure of social competition is very large, all kinds of large shopping malls appear in our lives, there are a variety of things in the shopping mall, so the competition in the shopping mall is also very large, want to make business better, we should pay attention to decoration, shopping mall counter design is very important, design good business naturally can become better.

Merchandise display properties

First, for people to watch, browse. Second, let people have the desire to buy this division is set according to the customer psychological process, customer psychological activities are summarized: gaze – interested – association – desire – comparison – trust – decision action – eight stages of satisfaction.

At present, it mainly adopts the method of symmetry, contrast and rhythm.


The weighing method is that the jewelry is display according to the principle of symmetry, and its subdivision can be divide into axial symmetry method and center weighing method. The axial symmetry method takes the center line of the counter surface as the axis of symmetry, and the jewelry on both sides is symmetrical, and the common patterns are rectangular, trapezoid and various combined types. The center symmetry method means that the jewelry is arranged symmetrically around a center, and the common graphics are circular and radial.


The contrast method is to skillfully combine two or more different colors and shapes of jewelry, resulting in distinct visual differences, thus highlighting and rendering the role of theme jewelry. Contrast display is mainly manifested in color contrast, texture contrast, style contrast and so on.


Rhythm method “rhythm” is originally the beauty of rhythm in music theory, and it is extend into the concept of time and space in jewelry display, which reminds us from a rational point of view to make full use of the principles of restraining, lifting, toning and lowering in vocal music in the conception, design and implementation of exhibition. As far as possible, the counter display to achieve bright color contrast, arrangement of appropriate, three-dimensional effect is significant five, color collocation color is one of the important characteristics of jewelry counters, display should pay attention to jewelry, props, counters three color matching props color and counter color matching props color should be coordinate with the overall color of the counter.

Such as the overall color of the store is pink, The selected props, such as the tray for inserting rings, can be line in white with a pink border, which is consistent with the overall color of the counter and does not hinder the placement of jewelry. Props and jewelry color match, prop color to set off the jewelry color, can use contrasting colors or coordinated colors to highlight the jewelry.


Counter trimmer

  • Counter decoration In order to make the renovation counter more vivid and active, flowers, leaves and other plants, vases, stones and so on can be placed in the space of the tray.
  • Wall decoration The walls of jewelry sales venues are a very good advertising ground. Wall decoration should pay attention to the shaping of corporate image, commodity image, brand image and service image. On the wall, you can post an appropriate amount of jewelry brand posters, corporate logos, corporate service project announcements, etc., in order to increase customers’ understanding and impression of enterprises and products.

Counter light

  • Lighting can highlight the shape, color and texture of the goods displayed in the store and attract the attention of customers. Jewelry counter lighting requirements scientific and reasonable, under normal circumstances: jade, ruby and other warm color gems require yellow light diamond, light blue and other cold color gems require the configuration of white light Opal, pearls, jade and other easy to lose water gems require the counter configuration of small water cups, maintain a certain humidity, lighting temperature should not be too high.

Basic requirements for counter display

Basic requirements: reasonable positioning, prominent theme, rich products, neat and beautiful.

Reasonable positionin

Positioning reasonable positioning is to determine the jewelry goods counter layout, display style and grade. Jewelry merchandise counter layout, display style and grade should be consistent with the style and grade of the whole store. As a high-end boutique jewelry store, the display should highlight the luxury, exquisite, emphasize the artistic atmosphere, and as a general jewelry store for the public, the placement of its goods should highlight rich, detailed, so that consumers feel that they can afford to buy affordable.

Prominent theme

The theme highlights the theme, that is, the main body of the jewelry counter layout and display is clear, so that customers can understand at a glance, this is the counter of what is sell, in order to highlight the main body should be place in an orderly manner, there are permanent counters and special areas, so that the main body of sales at a glance.The common classification methods are as follows: a, set up special counters and special areas by categories and jewelry varieties. Such as gold jewelry counters, diamond counters, jade counters. b, set up special counters with jewelry style or fashion trends. Including popular jewelry series counters and traditional jewelry series counters.

Rich products

Rich goods rich goods refers to the counter goods display rich, full; Varieties, specifications, styles complete, sufficient quantity, to make the counter display rich, should be in accordance with the type density of goods and the proportion of main and auxiliary goods.

A: type density Type density number of commodity types/total number of commodities on display ×100% The higher the type density, the lower the repetition rate of the goods on display, the more color varieties on display, and the good performance of the commodity combination. In the specific sales environment, the jewelry displayed in the counter of the same variety, the same style is place at most 1 to 3 pieces, too much repetition will make people feel the same counter goods, monotonous, dull, will affect the sales effect.

B: Control the proportion of main commodities and auxiliary commodities to make enterprises profitable commodities are some unique or can compete with other enterprises. In the display, can not be place because the main goods can be profitable, which will also produce a monotonous feeling. In the display, should control the proportion of main and auxiliary goods, generally speaking, the main commodity display proportion is small, in about 20%, not more than 50%, the rest of the bedding goods, bedding goods can increase the variety to attract customers.

Neat and beautiful

  • Neat and beautiful neat means neat and clean, the props and jewelry placed on the counter are clean, neat and beautiful, requiring the product props and other colors to match harmoniously, and the placement composition is exquisite.

What are the counter design methods of shopping malls? The counter is a very important part of a store, so we must pay special attention to the design of the counter, the counter needs to have a lot of characteristics, should understand clearly, let’s take a look at the shopping mall counter design points.

Counter design regulations

When designing the counter, we should pay attention to the best not to choose a fully closed counter, so that there is no way to achieve a good display of goods, some consumers will feel dissatisfied, the counter design is best to be open to the outside, so that it can better display goods and better attract customers’ attention.

Shopping mall counter lighting design

Under normal circumstances, if the display is relatively small items, then you can design a light inside the counter, so that the items can be better display in front of the customer, the general counter display light is led, different goods need to use different lights to cooperate, we should take into account the color rendering, flicker and lighting degree, Different lighting effects can appear the display effect is also different.

The size and style of the counter

The counter design of the mall should make good use of space, but also pay attention to practicality, the look of the counter, of course, also needs to look good, so as to attract customers more. If the width of a space is about three meters, about 2.5 meters high, and there are some other display goods around, then the counter should be more transparent, but also have an independent space, the shape is best to be simple, in the design of the counter when the method is very diverse, it is best to communicate with the designer.

When we design the counter, there are a lot of things to consider, such as the counter lighting, size, style, design, are things we need to think of, the choice of material is also very important, it is best not to choose plastic material, this material is very low end, not on the grade, but also make the quality of the goods to be display look relatively low.

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