How to customized a mall phone kiosk?

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Hello friends. are you plan to start your phone business in mall? Are you still struggling to find the right design? in this article the one i wanna share is some ideas for build a phone kiosk.

1.Styles of the phone kiosk.

  • almost all phone kiosk is square shape. but there also have some special kiosk with S shape, round shape. or other shapes.
  • Field investigation,Talk with the mall manager the color requirement of the whole kiosk build.
  • Maybe you also can choose the color same as your logo.

2. Display way choose.

Type 1. wooden display shelves.

The first type and popular is woodemn display type just is wooden shelves inside, each Each layer will install led light strip. for the another one is ladder display. just install led light at the top side.

For the whole display stand inside also have some space for cabinet and lock. it’s very good for storage.

Type 2. glass display showcase

Like this display showcase. just the back side is wooden, each layer shelves are tempered glasas. the top part is hidden led light strip. client just can see it from outside. the worker can open the whole showcase from the inside. it with glass door, can lock at night.

Type 3. Aluminum groove plate display stand

Aluminum groove plate display stand it’s a very good way to display phone case and phone accessories. it can match hook to put many phone case.

Type 4. wooden display table

the wooden display table usually is for display mobile phone model. at below is a cabinet for storage and hidden announciator electric wire. looks very nice. isn’t it?

3.Material of the phone kiosk build

  • MDF with baking painting finished. most businessman will choose MDF as the whole phone kiosk mainly material, it’s very easy to make it to some special shape. surface match baking painting, it’s very smooth and glossy. it’s very high-end.
  • Plywood also is a very frequently-used basic material. Its hardness comparatively high. it can match fire-proof plate and veneer.
  • Stainless steel. usually is used for the whole kiosk skirting. of course, if you like add some stainless steel frame on the display showcase also is ok.
  • Corian surface. In order to make the whole kiosk look more high-end. We will choose to add some stone elements to the design. it can do corian countertop. Even the whole outside of the cabinet can be wrapped in stone.

Thanks for your time and reading. hope this article is helpful for your phone business. if you’re interested to build a phone kiosk, or more related information. plz contact us here!

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