How to customize a container food shop?

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The container food shop is very popular food service in outdoor. it’s an Innovative mobile restaurant. mainly located in street, bench, and mall outside. if you wanna start your own food business in outdoor, I think use container shop is a good choice.

But how to customize a container food shop? This is a very tricky problem for many entrepreneurs. here are some points to build a container shop.

1.Location choose:

It is advantageous to choose a busy and convenient location, It must have enough people flow so that it can have enough customers. To make your business better.

Most successful food container shops are part of the larger commercial street, however, some can be found in little, unattached structures. Go with what your senses (and spending plan) direct.

Try to make the local nearest the town, Is conducive to attracting more customers to stop.

2.Operating license & government approval.

If you wanna start a food shop, even in a mall or outdoor, it must need to get an operating license and pass the test of food sanitation branch. For many outdoor food containers, there will be to get government approval. such as the Water pipes, wires. you need to find an electrician help you do a details plan. it’s easy the get the approval.

3.Confirmed the container shop styles

As we know the container food shop was converted from shipping containers. the regular size is 20GP, 40GP,45GP. the size can be chosen according to your needs.

After confirming the size, you need to consider what service you will provide, juice, coffee, ice cream, snack or fast food. the both can work on it. if there have some seating area, it’s very good to open the container two sides, with the hydraulic system. it can make the whole sales area add two triple, it can be closed at night, it’s very safe.

There also have many guests make the whole container shop with the second floor, add a Stair and railing. can put more table and chair on it. match some canopy, very comfortable. It can give the customer a wonderful experience.

The last is confirmed the whole container shops color and inside counter layout. white, brown, black are very common container color. for the inside counter can according to your service customize it. black, white, or some wood grain. is ok. for the container floor, can use PVC floor. or Stainless steel non-skid floor. it depends on what is you like.

4.Build the container food shop.

Build it in Local or import. but must find a direct factory help you do it. This will help you save costs, save communication time, Avoid the wrong transmission of information. before production, confirmed the 3d design and construction plan. and check the details information careful. In the production process, you can take photos to update the progress. If necessary, you can also directly go to the factory to inspect the container.

5. Business operations.

Before opening, you need to do some develop an ad campaign. You can put up posters, give out flyers, or post them on the Internet through your circle of friends. anyway, try your best share this info to more people.

Good food supply and good service are essential. must keep your sales is enough professional. make the whole shop Clean, neat and comfortable.

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful to your food business. Unique kiosk as a direct supplier in China, we mainly work on the design and customize the different type of retail kiosk and food shops. if you’re interested to build a container food shop or need other related information. welcome inquiry here!

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