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In the cold winter, the most afraid of touching is cold water, but with the hot water tap, it solves this problem very well. It is also because the hot water faucet can quickly get out of the hot water and is favored by everyone, but the hot water faucet is relatively more power-hungry.

  • What is the fast hot water faucet?

The fast hot water faucet is a high-efficiency and quick faucet. It is named after the hot water is discharged in 3-5 seconds after opening. The new insulating and thermal conductive material magnesia powder has high density, super fineness and full filling. The characteristics are such that the charged heating body is reliably separated from the outer wall, thereby completely electrically isolating from the water.

  • What is the advantages of the fast hot water faucet?
  1. The shape of the hot water faucet is beautiful and fashionable, and it can be used immediately when it is used. At the same time, the hot faucet can be used both hot and cold, which is very convenient. The structure of the hot water tap is based on its structural design so that the safety of using the hot water tap is higher. Moreover, a heating tube is installed inside to make the heat transfer fast, improve the heat efficiency, and the anti-fouling and anti-oxidation effects are also good.

2. The power of the hot faucet is larger than that of the ordinary faucet, and its power is probably between 1KW and 3KW. The power of the more common hot water tap is about 2KW, so the hot water tap is a relatively consuming tap. The greater the power, the greater the power consumption.

  • What is the usage of the fast hot water faucet?

We usually use the fast hot water faucet for the food kiosk, you will need to washing the food like fruit, vegetables, cups and so on.

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