How to correctly use the color-matching skills in the painted mall kiosks?

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When we build mall kiosks. we mainly choose two kinds of materials, one is lamination finish ,The other is painting finish. When we use paint to finish the surface of the kiosk . Color will be a important part. How to correctly use the color-matching skills in the painted mall kiosks are key tech of paint workers.

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1. Because the color of mall used retail kiosk often has various color heads, assuming that when matching the right green, yellow with green head and blue with yellow head are generally chosen; when matching purple red, blue with red head and red with blue head should be chosen; when matching orange, red with yellow head and yellow with red head should be chosen.

2. Food kiosk production should first take part in the main color (the color with large dosage and small tinting power on the top of the matching color), then slowly and continuously participate in the dark color (or color matching) with large dyeing power, and constantly mix, and inquire about the change of color at any time.

3. When jewelry display cabinets distribute composite coatings, they should choose coatings with the same properties to distribute with each other. Solvent systems should also dissolve with each other. Otherwise, because of the poor miscibility of coatings, it will affect the quality, and even occur stratification, separation or gelatinization phenomenon, it can not be used.

4. Using the slightly clear characteristics of the paint film, the color of the top coat can be more obvious than that of the original coat by choosing the suitable primer. This is a kind of color developed after superposition of the primer and the primer according to the principle of natural light reflection and absorption, which is called “translucency” in paint engineering. Yellow primer can make red more beautiful, gray primer can make red more red, positive blue primer can make black more bright, water blue primer can make white more clean and white.

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6. “From shallow to deep” production mall used retail kiosk design, especially when participating in strong coloring pigments, avoid excessive.

7. Care should be taken when mixing mall kiosks paints. Generally, small samples should be tested first, and the number of color matching coatings should be obtained initially. Then large samples can be made according to the role of small samples. First, adjust the sub-color and sub-color in a small container.

8. In color matching, there will be slight difference between the color of display cabinet paint and monotonous film. All kinds of paint color in wet film is generally lighter, monotonous, color deepening. Therefore, assuming that the sample is dry, the matching paint needs to wait for monotonous color measurement comparison; assuming that the sample is wet, you can drop the sample in the matching paint, and query whether the two colors are the same.

Therefore, we should know the floating degree of the primary color in the composite paint and the changes of the paint materials, especially the amino and perchloroethylene coatings, when we make the paint display cabinet, we need to pay more attention.

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