How to Build a Mall Kiosk Step by Step ?

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Mall kiosk are newly emerged shops & stalls in the middle shopping mall or big business center ,Most of them are located in the corridor or pathway between inline shops . Compare to traditional retail shops & store, Mall kiosk are quite easy and flexible . With a retail mall kiosk, You do not need to spend too much time ,money & effort on big shop or inline store. What’s more , the mall kiosk sales profit are really appealing. One recent research show that mall kiosk sales count for 25-30 % of whole shopping mall sales. This makes mall kiosk a perfect and solid business for vendors ,especially for new starters. So here today I’m going to tell you how to build your own mall kiosk business step by step.

mall used candy kiosk concept

# 1.Choose a Business Trends

When you planing to opening a mall kiosk business in mall ,this is the most impart that need to be done at very first. And it matter the success or failure of your future business management. There are many different business ideas that can be done. From food beverage kiosk, concessions cart to clothes retail , jewelry retail . Or even a threading salon , nail manicure are so hot business ideas. So , which one best suit you are the main concern .You can find more business ideas here >>>

There’s not a business ideas called 100% success trend, If you have read my previous blog , you will notice that ,even some hot business treads, without a good management ,you can’t make money too. Therefore , the first homework are so important . The main basic for you to choose one business trends is the one that you familiar or interest. For example , you used to working in a salon bar before , you can consider eyebrow threading , cosmetic perfume retail, nail manicure art or even barber shop in mall . If you have been interest in fast food or juice bar, opening a ice cream , frozen yogurt , fresh fruit juice kiosk, crepes shop are not bad choice.

# 2.Get a Business license

This step can be done not or later based on different countries , But this is a necessary step that you can not avid . Different places have different rules in applying for a business license . For example in USA ,you will need a DBA certificate . You can also get some agent to help you on this job. Make sure all your license meet the local government regulations . Your business license registers your business with the state and show the public that you own a legitimate enterprise. However , it also means Tax there.

Buy necessary insurance for your business , different country requires different amount , Canada and USA are cost a lot on insurance. You also need insurance for your workers etc. Anyway this is a formal but necessary that need to be solved.

#3.Find a location & Sign a Lease

There are many places that offer kiosk rent . Beside shopping mall , public business center, You can also gain a location at airport, train station or metro station. No matter where you plan to go , research job can not be missed. Market research and business planing before kiosk opening are essential to any types of business.

Take shopping mall as an example , If you planing to open a mall kiosk in certain mall . As we did in first step , we have chosen a good business . You need to stay inside shopping mall , check how many competitors you have, how much potential consume volume you can get ? The most important is going to mall manger office to apply a location . As we know that , mall kiosk are very hot business trends , you may not get a lease if they do not have one . Do not give up , try some different malls.

When negotiating with mall manger, there ‘s one important work that you need to do – display kiosk itself . If you are new starter , I suggest you rent the kiosk from mall using a ready second hand kiosk . Which is cheaper and easier. If you are entering a high level mall . You will required to set up a business with totally new kiosks. so here come the next step : preparing kiosk design.

One more advice here , negotiate with mall manger to get a as lower rent as possible , and You need to make sure you have enough time before opening the kiosk. Some customer when they ordering kiosk from overseas, do not realize that time is too short . That result in the mall started to count rent while the kiosk still on the way.

#4. Design & Manufacture Kiosks

Actually , this step is doing together with step 3. When you working with mall to apply a lease , you will required to submit a mall kiosk detail drawing. A full drawing must contain 3D rendering & construction drawing which states the material and measurement in it.

Most of mall will give you some recommend kiosk manufacturer for you to contact . Those supplier has working with certain mall so the design can be easy approved. The disadvantage is those companies charges a lot , There other way is sourcing kiosk manufacturers online , or get it form over seas,For example, Unique kiosk are such company providing custom design & manufacturing service. Important note for you is that , you need to choose a reliable & experienced enterprise to help you. A company must be familiar with all types of material and different mall criteria . Or you will have big trouble when you install the kiosk.

Most of the new kiosk from local are expensive , Especially in USA,CANADA & Australia. a standard kiosk in 10*10 ft will cost up to $18000 while you need about $5000 to get from if you need a custom kiosk to build , Click >>>Contact us.

cell phone accessories kiosk concept
mall kiosk concept

#5.Preparing kiosk equipment & products inventory

When you opening a mall food kiosk or juice beverage concession stall . Kitchen equipment need to solved while you ordering kiosk. even prior to kiosk manufacturing. Working with mall kiosk supplier maker sure all the equipment fit into the kiosk. Some of the supplier as Unique Kiosk can provide one stop solution , So you need to worried about equipment. Fridge ,freezer , display showcase are common and important equipment in food & beverage kiosk. Compartment sinks , hand wash sinks are also required in different states. Plan well when preparing the drawing you will have less headache in installation . Because every mall will come to inspect your kiosk after you finished installation , To make sure that you have build and installed the kiosk exact following the drawing.

If you are opening a cell phong accessories kiosk , T shirts or clothes retail kiosk ,things coming much easier. For most of the retail kiosk . you need to prepare products inventory at this stage. Find a reliable products supplier are very important , it matter whether you can provide a good customer experience in future.

When you opened a salon bar kiosk like eyebrow threading kiosk , nail manicure kiosk or massage service business . you need to training hour workers at this time. Make sure they are expert to providing a awesome service when kiosk start.

#6. Hire workers & Advertising

While kiosk is manufacturing process. Do not take a rest. Hiring workers and prepare necessary skill are very important , You do not want to present your customer a and experience when kiosk opened. Normally kiosk do not need too much workers, but still need a expert there unless you want to do it yourself.

Starting doing some advertising in the mall in the mean time , better on different places and different layers .With some big posters , Advertising tv or media ,Tell customer that your kiosk or service are coming. If you are collecting membership . You can also start sell now .

juice bar kiosk design
ice cream kiosk concept for mall

#7. Install kiosk

Finally , When kiosk finished manufacturing and shipping to the front door of mall . You need schedule the installation work . If you buy kiosk from local manufacturer . They usually provide install service . which make everything easy but those service are expensive . When buy kiosk from overseas, you need hire a local contractor to help you install it . However kiosk from Unique are very easy for install . You only need a electrician from shopping mall and one or two workers can help finished installation within 3 hours. Which even can be done by yourself.

Please keep in mind that , all the mall need to opening in daytime. So, you only allow to install kiosk in night time. Fast & easy installation kiosk with well planed drawing will help a lot. After kiosk finished installation , test every equipment , outlets, led light ,TVs ,cameras ,POS systems etc that works well.

#8.Opening kiosk

The last step is chosen a good time to opening your kiosk. And starting making good money. The success of running a mall kiosk has many factors , working hard with sweet customer service definitely included. If you have any inquiry or question about opening a mall kiosk ,welcome to contact us. As an expert on mall retail display solution provide. We happy to provide any assistant that you need.

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