How to clean & maintain cell phone display kiosk showcase?

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cell phone kiosks on the market, kiosks of various types, maintenance methods are much the same.

mobile phone kiosk
cell phone repair kiosk in mall

First, choose clean rags

When wiping the cell phone repair kiosk, you must use clean cloth. When the cloth has been wiped once and is covered with dust, it must be turned over or replaced with a clean cloth for reuse. In conclusion, it can not be reused. Because this will only make the cell cabinet dirtier and dirtier, and even scratch paint and glass.

Second, don’t use cleaners indiscriminately

If you want to keep the cell phone kiosk shiny, you must use special detergent. If the surface of cell phone kiosk is dirty, you can wipe it several times, remember never scratch hard, otherwise it will cause damage. In addition, after using the cloth, remember to wash and dry. In addition, if the cloth is on the jewelry kiosk, then the carpet cleaner can be used. When in use, a small amount of carpet detergent can be sprayed on a wet cloth and wiped.

Third, remove the watermarks on the paint surface in time

Used cell phone kiosks often leave a handprint on the paint surface, so how can they be quickly removed? You can lay a clean wet cloth on the surface of the kiosk, and then iron it with an iron at a lower temperature, so that moisture infiltrated into the paint film can evaporate, so that the watermarks disappear. It should be noted that the cloth used for the cushion should not be too thin and the temperature of the iron should not be too high. Otherwise, the water mark on the surface of the kiosk has been removed, but it will leave a deep impression, even more dazzling.

cell phone kiosk design
mobile phone kiosk in mall

Fourth, Eliminate the Scratch on the Paint Surface of the kiosk

If slightly neglected, the surface of the cell phone accessories kiosk will leave a scald, without panic, in general, as long as the timely wipe with a rag can be removed. If the scald is too deep to erase, you can gently apply it with iodine liquor or or vaseline oil on it, and then wipe it with a soft cloth the next day to eliminate the scald.

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