How To Choose A Suitable Jewelry Display Showcase?

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We can see that jewelry display cases have been widely used in jewelry stores, although these display cases seem relatively simple at ordinary times, some details are still different, so in the selection of display cases, we should do a good job of understanding all aspects, only in this way, in order to complete the customization of display cases, In particular, it can also do a good job of displaying jewelry products through such exhibition cases, which will also be helpful to the sales of jewelry products.

First, do a good job in the choice of material.

Jewelry shelves now or will exist a lot of different material, and different materials have different characteristics, combined with own jewelry is belong to high-end products, so in choosing a storefront, but also need to choose some high-end solid wood kind material, so as to improve whole, improve the quality of the whole jewelry products.

The second aspect, do a good job on the choice of style. 

Not only should we consider the problem of material, but also the style should be paid attention to. So when choosing the style of the jewelry display case, it is best to choose some basic display cases, so that consumers can put their attention on jewelry, rather than display cases, so as to highlight the quality of jewelry.

Third, do a good job on the choice of color. 

Now the display cabinet will still have some colors, so in the process of selection, we should also consider the problem of color. It is better to choose the display cabinet of pure color, so that in the visual aspect, it can bring some high-end feeling, but also improve the texture of the whole jewelry.

What should the design be based on?

  • The design should be based on consumers.

The designers should fully consider the needs of different consumer groups, and consider the psychology of customers, on the basis of market research, and targeted design. The style and emotional expression of the decoration should be in line with the age, level and aesthetic taste of the target group, so as to resonate with it. As jewelry consumption tends to be younger and fashionable, jewelry display cases will develop in the direction of diversification.

  • The design should be market-oriented, before the design idea. 

The necessary market research, fully understand the situation of the market, and observe the market dynamics. Obtain fresh design ideas from market feedback information, and reasonable positioning, avoid designers blindly pursue personal taste and personal style caused by the disconnect with the market.

  • The design and should be based on the product.

It combined with the characteristics of the product itself, according to the volume, shape, material, style, grade, style, connotation of jewelry and other factors to determine the form of packaging, shape the personality and temperament of the jewelry brand, fully reflect the attributes of the product.

Size details:

Now the jewelry counter is all about 1 meter high, the upper part of the display jewelry products glass, display space according to customer demand glass height in 22 cm or 25 cm, the bottom of the cabinet to the glass is about 75~ 78cm, display jewelry glass generally choose 8mm thick, the cabinet is equipped with LED lights, The color temperature of the LED lamp should be selected according to the type of jewelry sold. Generally speaking, the color temperature of the gold jewelry is 3500K, the color temperature of the jade, agate, pearl and amber can be selected from 5500 to 6000K, and the color temperature of the diamond can be selected from 7000 to 10000K. The LED lamp frame is often aluminum, and the high-end counter can be made of the stainless steel frame. The plane inside the counter often uses leather hard packages and suede hard packages.

Material details:

Stainless steel jewelry showcase is the most used material is stainless steel, including 201 drawing stainless steel and 304 drawing stainless steel, its structure is diverse, can have the effect of drawing or mirror, color is divided into rose gold, champagne gold, titanium, bronze series, black titanium and so on.

Wood jewelry showcase is mainly made of wood, such as density board, plywood, etc., the surface decoration is very rich, can be directly painted, can also paste decorative panel, paint glass, marble, stainless steel or outsourcing leather, etc., there are also a lot of color options.

The basic material is composed of super white glass, lock, leather, LED lamps and so on. Their common purpose is to display all kinds of jewelry and other products, improve the overall image of the store or increase brand recognition. Counter size is based on the layout of the store and actual needs.

The role of jewelry display, not only need to highlight its noble elegance, as well as its material and style but also better show its unique luster. How to make jewelry more attractive, lighting design is the key. First of all, the lighting of the jewelry display cabinet should be relatively bright. Too dark light can not well show the unique luster of jewelry. Also, don’t choose too harsh lighting. If the light is too bright, the brightness of the jewelry will be obscured, which will reduce sales and performance.

Because the jewelry showcase is gold, diamonds, jade, gemstones and other high-end luxury and fashion products, so the lighting system should be bright enough so that the jewelry has enough brightness to show charm. Of course, when we say bright enough, we don’t mean that brighter is better. In some jewelry, such as: gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, jade jewelry, because the volume is not very large, so the brightness can reach 3100LX. The brightness of crystal jewelry is soft.

Stainless steel jewelry display cabinet because of the characteristics of the material and the fine requirements of the process, at present is the most popular style, and can be said to be representative of the current high-end jewelry display cabinet. Of course, a wood jewelry display cabinet has advantages in cost, and it is more appropriate for many jewelry merchants with limited budget to choose a wood jewelry counter in jewelry display cabinet customization.

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