7 Tips For The Cosmetic Shop Decoration

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In modern society, cosmetics have become a must-have item for women. The biggest target customers of cosmetics stores are women, especially young women. Some cosmetics brands are emerging one after another. Opening a cosmetics shop is also the choice of many businesses, there are many shops in the market, that want to highlight the characteristics, good decoration is essential, it can also be said that the quality of the decoration directly affects the operation of the shop. So how to design a cosmetic store showcase?

Cosmetics stores are at the front of the fashion trend, shop decoration style is generally to fashion simple position, fashion style, simple.

Cosmetic shop decoration: storefront design

In the door head design must be clear, to highlight the characteristics, so as to attract consumers. The best sign design to have a very good style, as far as possible to choose good materials, to give customers a sense of fashion high-end. The door design should also pay attention to the window, through the window to let the outside crowd more clearly understand the atmosphere and products of the store, so as to stimulate the desire of customers into the store.

Cosmetic shop decoration: product display

There are many kinds of cosmetics. In the cosmetics store, we should pay attention to the display and placement of different brands and functions. We should place them separately, so that the store is neat and orderly and convenient for customers to quickly find their favorite cosmetics.

Cosmetic shop decoration: Window display

At the door of the store, the window setting is used to make the pedestrians from outside the store can clearly see the store customers try cosmetics and choose shopping scene, create the window effect, attract the attention of passers-by.

Cosmetic store decoration: Marketing posters

We can place some product posters or electronic screens in cosmetics stores, which can be popular knowledge of cosmetics or some cosmetics advertisements, so as to arouse customers’ desire to buy cosmetics from many aspects, thus promoting the sales of cosmetics.

Cosmetic shop decoration: Lighting design

Cosmetics store must be bright, bright space can give people a comfortable feeling. Bright space product features can also be well played out. In the cosmetics store we try to use white light source, white light source can be a good foil product characteristics.

Cosmetic stores use light lighting means, mainly divided into three parts: basic lighting, key lighting, decorative lighting.

  • Basic lighting

Basic lighting is also called ambient lighting, which provides a basic lighting for the overall environment of the store. This light is usually installed in the ceiling or the top, and the light irradiation range is wide, mainly to provide uniform and comfortable lighting environment, so that we can comfortably buy goods.

If the overall brightness of the store is dim, we will be slow to act, unable to accurately find our favorite products, and reduce the impulse to buy. If the overall brightness of the store is too bright, the eyes will feel uncomfortable and dizzy, which will make customers feel tired and reduce the time they stay in the store.

Therefore, when buying lamps and lanterns to choose the quality of light, it can not only maintain the basic brightness, and will not stimulate the eyes of customers, so that customers in bright, comfortable shopping environment, choose and buy their favorite goods.

  • Accent lighting

The lighting should be focused on the designated area or commodity, focusing at a certain Angle, highlighting the details and texture of the commodity to attract customers’ attention. For example, display cabinet lamp, makeup mirror lamp and so on, let customers focus on the key lighting area, and immersed in the comfortable atmosphere brought by the light, feel at ease to buy goods.

  • Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting is in the local environment of the store, to create some special lighting atmosphere, to improve the comfort of the shopping environment, so as to attract customers to buy. Decorative lighting usually carries on some special lighting treatment to the display, shop floor, wall background.

Makeup shops rely on not only appearance level, but also good lighting design to attract customers’ attention, and increase customers’ desire to buy. So when buying lights, we must choose lamps with good light effect, because good light effect can bring customer flow to increase the amount of goods sold. The light effect of common lamps and lanterns on the market is very general, only satisfied with the basic lighting lighting, do not pay attention to the quality of lighting requirements.

Cosmetic shop decoration: color matching

The color of cosmetic store decoration should be in harmony with the product. When choosing materials, it is best to use the natural color of materials to show the indoor color, so that the color is more natural and gives people a kind of cordial feeling.

Cosmetics are mainly a place of shopping and consumption, so our decoration color must conform to the consumer aesthetic. Different colors will give people different psychological effects. When we determine the decoration color, we must understand the overall habits of the target population, so as to decorate the cosmetics store they like.

Cosmetic shop decoration: the theme is outstanding.

The theme is like the whole soul of the store, the theme is not only for the decoration, the customer into the store is not completely because of the shop decoration. We want to have a deep understanding of the makeup industry, feeling, so as to operate the cosmetics store with taste, culture, let customers feel the “beauty” of the culture, these unique temperament into the store, so as to attract more customers.

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