How to attract more people to buy cosmetics?

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With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s consumption level is also constantly improving. Nowadays, more and more people like to make up. In order to achieve a flattering look, many people are willing to pay a high price for high-quality cosmetics. And in order to prevent cosmetics allergies, most people will go to the offline cosmetics counters to test the sample first, in order to choose their own makeup products. So, how to use cosmetics counters to better display cosmetics to customers and attract more customers to consume? The following will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Insight into customer preferences

In order to better promote cosmetics, we should first know the customer’s preference for cosmetics. For example, when a customer comes to your store, you can first through the customer’s makeup, wear, accessories, etc., and in the process of communication, insight into what products customers probably like. You need to react quickly and accurately to take the customer to the corresponding cosmetics area. In addition, when customers need the corresponding products, it is also very important to accurately locate the cosmetics area. When we can timely insight into the needs of customers, and after customer inquiries, can promptly take customers to the corresponding cosmetics area, customers will feel that we are very professional. This is conducive to winning the new customers, so as to encourage customers to consume.

2. Organize and classify the cosmetics cabinet

If you want to accurately locate the cosmetics cabinet, you need to classify the cosmetics, so as to facilitate our sales. We can arrange different types of cosmetics in the same area. For example, the base makeup products, sunscreen, isolation, foundation liquid and so on, are precisely planned in one area. And we can plan different areas according to different prices for different purposes, which can be divided into cost-effective area, mid-end area and high-end area. In this way, it is conducive to positioning different customer groups, better recommending corresponding products to customers, and more convenient for us to sell cosmetics.

3. Do holiday promotions

During the holidays, doing various promotional activities can attract more people to buy cosmetics. We can set up different subjects and decorate the store according to different holidays. You can also paste the words of discount or promotion, you can set gradient discounts, send shopping coupons, send small gifts and other related activities.

Let people have a kind of “do not buy this time will miss the big discount” psychology, seize the heart of customers. At the same time, the store can use posters, shadow lights, balloons, bouquets and so on to enhance the atmosphere. A survey shows that customers are infected by the publicity atmosphere of cosmetics stores and the probability of entering the store to shop for goods is 40%. We can also set up temporary cosmetic counters and sell some of the specials at the door. The specials target a wider range of consumers and can attract more customers to buy them.

4. Put cost-effective products in a prominent position

In modern times, most people pay attention to cost performance. If the good and cheap goods are displayed in a prominent position, it is likely to attract many potential customers. For example, some customers such as office workers or college students passing by the store. We can highlight new products, high purchase rates and popular products. And sell at a lower price to create a “cost-effective” store. And putting cost-effective products in places that customers can easily notice, which can make customers feel that the store’s products are more cost-effective. It’s worth a walk in. It’ll bring in more customers.

5. Set up small samples to try

Product quality is important, choosing the right product is more important. Suitable for their own products are tried out. No matter what product we buy, we will try it first. Especially for products like this, consumers will be more careful when buying. If you set up a trial area in the store, place the corresponding trial products for customers to try, which is conducive to customers to better understand the function and nature of the product. At the same time, choose products that are more suitable for their own skin, and also make customers more tempted to buy the products they want to buy.

6. Choose bright, warm lighting

Consumers are actually similar to moths, with phototropism, they prefer to go to the bright and clean store to browse. And cosmetics stores attract most of the female customers, they are more beauty, but also pay more attention to the purchase of the environment neat and clean. Therefore, cosmetics stores need to set up bright and advanced lighting to create a clean and transparent environment. This will help attract more customers to buy in the store. Studies have shown that warm light lamps can better create a warm atmosphere of a store, more let customers want to go in to buy the desire. Therefore, the overall lighting of our store can choose warm light, which can attract customers more.

7. Set up an eye-catching sign

A unique sign can make your shop stand out among many other shops. To attract more people’s attention.We all know that in order to have sales, you have to have customers. And a beautiful sign, you can attract more customers into the store. Regardless of the conversion rate of customers, it increases the popularity of the store.

8.. Choose cosmetics cabinet

Cosmetics belong to high-end products, and this product also needs a high-grade cosmetics cabinet to be placed, a good-looking and high-grade cosmetics cabinet can improve the appearance level of cosmetics, increase its added value, so that all kinds of cosmetics look more high-end. We are the supplier of all kinds of product display cases in China, any display case can be customized according to your needs, if you need, please contact us!

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