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Juice bars and smoothie bars might once have attracted only health-conscious consumers. But as health concerns have grown in recent years, so has the number of juice shops. As the popularity of fruit juice continues to rise worldwide, it is a hot industry that cannot be ignored. Because healthy living and a nutritious diet have always been popular among people. For some people, coffee is their favorite, but others visit the local juice shop as often as a coffee shop

However, with this huge opportunity comes some pretty fierce competition. Today, in order to succeed in the juice industry, there are a few key points that will give you a head start over your competitors, and you need to make sure that you incorporate them into your juice shop plan. If you’re interested in opening your own juice bar or smoothie shop, or want to revamp your current juice shop, check out our juice shop startup guide with me. 

What’s a juice bar?  

A juice bar is a shop that sells fresh fruit juice or vegetable juice. The growing popularity of healthy juices and low start-up costs make juice shops an attractive venture. Most juice shops have a small footprint because they don’t need a full kitchen or seating area. A fully equipped juice bar can help you start your juice bar business. Juice kiosks, juice shops and outdoor kiosks are the alternative business models for juice shops. 

Choose a location

Choosing a location for your juice bar is the first step you need to take. You need to choose the location of the juice shop according to the business model you want. Is the juice shop located outdoors, in a mall or on a busy commercial street? First, do market research to find out who your customers are. Generally, the main consumer group is mainly young people. Looking for some places near the gym or jogging path and outdoor space are good places for juice bars and smoothies. 

Or you rent a juice bar kiosk for a great deal. If so, you should design your store according to the location you choose. For example, if the location is a college town, you want to create a concept that appeals to a younger demographic. Conducting a location analysis will help you understand the benefits and limitations of a particular location.

  • About the juice shop design

When you rent or buy a juice shop, you need to put serious effort into decorating and designing it. You have to do this in order to attract more customers to the store. You can have your own ideas about juice shop design, which will help you to have an attractive juice shop. The seating area (dining area) should keep simple monochrome tables and chairs. There should be an image wall behind the cashier area. You have to design it to appeal to everyone who walks into the store. The color of the walls should match the overall color of the store. You can draw some fruit or cartoon pictures on the wall, or put up some posters or TV to advertise your product and juice brand. The color and design of the walls should be eye-catching to all passers-by who pass by your juice shop. All walls and ceilings will have a grid frame.  

The layout is the first step in designing a juice shop. A proper layout can help you to start a juice shop design. Juice bars usually have seats near the entrance, with the counter in the back. The line at the counter should be lined to one side so that customers don’t feel crowded when they come in. Your menu should be placed on the right wall so that guests can choose their favorite juice while waiting in line. The left side of the store should provide seats for all customers. You should make your customers comfortable in the juice bar after they order. Offers food options, wifi, games, books and relaxing music. Customers who stay at your juice bar will order more and likely come back in the future. You should have enough electrical outlets to provide comfortable seating/spacious tables.

You can plant vines all over the walls and ceilings. There are some simple benches to sit on and the look of the whole place will be amazing. Generally speaking, fruit is kept in wooden cases or crates. You can use these wooden boxes and crates to prepare your juice shop. You can keep crates on the wall or store fresh fruit in them. Put some pictures of fresh fruit on your wall and the whole thing will look professional and attractive at the same time. If you have a shop or stand in a mall, then you must display a fresh counter that can attract customers to your counter. Place clear jars and fresh fruit on your work surface. This will attract people to your store.

Opening a juice bar business might be a good opportunity. The demand for juice bars is increasing, and the trend is growing every year. Now is the perfect time to open the juice bar, if you have any questions, please contact us. We have helped hundreds of juice bars open smoothly and will help you equip your juice bar to serve customers as quickly as possible.

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