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Hello friend, are you ready to start your own candy kiosk? Nowadays, candy service is a very good idea. It’s very popular with children. you will find the candy also as the festival celebration. here the one I wanna share is a very attractive mall candy kiosk design.

candy kiosk

1.More introduce about this candy kiosk:

For this Candy kiosk, the total size is 18X8ft, it’s we made and export to New York in March of Last year. You can see the kiosk looks like a boat shape. have a small roof with the balloon and lollipop decoration. the mainly tone is white, match some purple strip and pillar for the support it. looks very sweet.

This kiosk is very multifunctional, the right sides with acrylic candy box, the left sides mainly for selling candy, cake, ice cream, beverage and more. match a small cashier counter, a cake display fridge, an ice cream display fridge, and a freezer.

The whole kiosk basic material is fire retardant MDF, the surface is 2PAC painting finished. wooden display shelves with acrylic candy box. surface with 3d glow acrylic logo.

2.Some real production photos for reference.

At the kiosk ceiling and each display shelves, the bottom is respectively hidden spotlight and led light strip. the whole kiosk bottom is stainless steel with the led light strip. looks very bright, isn’t it?

candy kiosk
candy kiosk

Thanks for your time and reading, Hope this candy kiosk information can give you more ideas about your candy business. we are a direct manufacturer in China, mainly work on the design and customized different types of mall retail kiosk and candy kiosk for more than ten years. if you’re interested to start your own candy kiosk, for more relared information, please contact us for free.

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