10X10 GIMME POTATO snack food kiosk in Los Angeles

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Food service is a very popular industry, such as fast food, snack, drinks. dessert and more. is very welcome. here the one I wanna share is a very nice snack food kiosk for potato.

1.Basic information.

Size: 10X10ft.

Production date: in May 2018.

Location: USA Los Angeles.

2.More Introduce and 3d Images.

When you saw the snack food kiosk first time, I believe you will be attracted by it. you can see the whole kiosk basic tone is black and red, the basic material of this kiosk is plywood, we can see the whole kiosk back sides are black color tile decoration wall. the front part is gray Cultured stone, match white led light and red color skirting. looks very nice.

snack food kiosk

You will notice the whole kiosk inside is red color fireproof laminate finished. it’s very nice to match black. at the front part, we will put a salad bar and cashier. with 3d glow logo and menu lightbox. the back side is a three-hole stainless steel sink, two stainless steel counter for foods making. very simple and modern. isn’t it?


snack food kiosk
snack food kiosk

We are Unique kiosk is a direct manufacturer in China, mainly work on the design and customize different types of mall food kiosk and bar counter for more than ten years. just tell us the location size. We can help you build the most reasonable and optimal design.

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your food business. if you’re interested to build a food kiosk like this one, please contact us here. welcome inquiry!

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