3 unique shape and eye-catching juice kiosk designs

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Fresh fruit juice sweet and delicious, in the hot summer can be said to be cool thirst. So how do you open a juice stand? Before opening a shop, we must do a juice kiosk design, this article will tell you 3 unique shape and eye-catching juice kiosk designs.

Tree shape juice kiosk

The first unique and eye-catching juice kiosk design is a tree-shaped juice kiosk. The main structure of this design resembles a tree, with a tall trunk in the middle and a dome-shaped canopy on top. The trunk and dome can be customized with various materials, such as wood or metal, to create a visually appealing and unique look.

To make this design even more eye-catching, the dome can be adorned with the kiosk’s logo and equipped with colorful lights. This will help to attract the attention of potential customers, even from a distance. The dome can also be made transparent, allowing customers to see the fresh fruits and ingredients used in the juice making process.

Detailed design

The counter of this juice kiosk is designed in a circular shape, surrounding the tree trunk. This circular counter can serve as a work table and mixing table for the staff, as well as a cash register and dining table for customers. The circular shape not only adds visual interest but also maximizes the use of space within the kiosk.

Moreover, the counters and other counters under the tree trunks can be transformed into cabinets for easy storage. This design feature enables the kiosk to efficiently store various equipment, supplies, and ingredients, ensuring that everything is organized and easily accessible.

Additionally, the outside of the counter can be utilized to display the kiosk’s logo, as well as posters showcasing the different juice options available. This will help to further attract customers and create a memorable brand identity. In summary, the tree-shaped juice kiosk design is a unique and eye-catching option. Its trunk and dome structure, along with the circular counter, create a visually appealing and functional space. Moreover, the ability to add logos, lights, and posters on various parts of the kiosk enhances its attractiveness and brand visibility. The inclusion of cabinets for storage ensures efficient organization and easy accessibility of supplies.

Coconut shaped juice kiosk

Imagine a coconut-shaped juice kiosk nestled in a beachside setting. The kiosk is painted in a light brown or other color, mimicking the texture of a real coconut. We also can make a cover, it is topped with a green leafy roof, resembling the crown of a coconut tree. On one side of the kiosk, a row of cabinets is neatly arranged, housing various machines necessary for juicing. The other side of the kiosk features a mixing desk where fresh juices are prepared with precision and care. A cash register is also placed here, making transactions convenient for both customers and staff. The exterior of the kiosk can be customized with logos and stickers, further enhancing its appeal. The coconut-shaped juice kiosk perfectly captures the essence of a tropical paradise, attracting beachgoers and health-conscious individuals alike.

Oval juice kiosk

For a unique and eye-catching juice kiosk design, consider a oval shape. This design is not only visually appealing but also offers a functional layout. The kiosk can be designed with a circular countertop, where customers can place their orders and interact with the staff. The circular shape creates a sense of flow and movement, making it visually engaging for customers passing by.

To make the kiosk stand out, choose vibrant colors for the exterior. A combination of bright yellow and green can create a refreshing and inviting atmosphere. Use yellow as the main color, with green accents on the logo and other decorative elements. This color scheme will catch the attention of potential customers, making them curious about the offerings at the kiosk.

Detailed design

Inside the circular kiosk, position the logo in the center, prominently displayed to attract attention. Behind the logo, place the cashier’s counter, where customers can make their payments. To the side of the cashier, set up an ingredients table and the necessary juice-making machine. This arrangement ensures an efficient workflow for the staff, making it easier to prepare and serve the juices.

To maximize the use of space, include a sink and other food machines on additional countertops. These can be used for preparing garnishes, cutting fruits, or storing additional ingredients. Utilize cupboards under the counters to store extra supplies, ensuring that everything is within reach and well-organized.

Finally, install a lightbox inside the kiosk to print and display posters of the menu. This allows customers to easily view the available options and place their orders. The lightbox can be strategically placed at eye level, attracting attention and enticing customers to try the delicious juices on offer.

Design imagination

Based on the above three unique shape juice kiosk designs, we can relate to a lot. Since we sell fruit juice, we have the corresponding design style. For example, we sell mango juice, we can try to make the kiosk in the shape of mango, in addition to watermelon, apple, strawberry and so on. We have also made corn kiosks like corn, if you are interested, check out our website.

How to design a kiosk?

Each kiosk bar must be connected to the water supply, sewer and electricity network. it needs to have a sink with both cold and hot water. furnishings, work surfaces, floors and walls up to about 2 meters must be made of easily washable and disinfectable materials.

Like these juice kiosks and food kiosks, we mainly use cleats with fire boards on the surface. Sometimes the countertops of our food kiosks will be made into artificial stone countertops, which will make our counters look more beautiful and beautiful, easy to clean up when using, and resistant to dirt. Our logo can be made into acrylic non-luminous logo, 3d luminous logo, hollow logo, stainless steel logo and so on.

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