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The reception desk is an essential part of office furniture, the main function is to entertain visiting customers. Its appearance design is decent, neat and beautiful, usually combined with the LOGO wall of the enterprise, and can leave a deep impression on the guests. Reception is one of the positions in modern enterprises, usually mainly responsible for customer visits and registration, telephone transfer and other affairs.

Over the past decade or so, the office customer reception area has been transformed from a simple space into an important part of the corporate identity. We have seen a further shift from the standard reception desk to the introduction of more welcoming, open and efficient Spaces. This can be used for a variety of activities, from a lounge space to a party area, as well as hosting clients.

In this article, we will introduce the reception desk design concept,  reception desk standard size, reception desk material, reception desk layout design, reception desk production and other information. And share with you some of the most popular reception desk designs.


1. A good reception desk design needs to consider a lot of factors. The image of the company, the environment of the reception desk, the height and size of the reception desk and so on.

  • It needs to represent the image of the company, to be beautiful, attractive and practical.
  • Design a unique sense of concept with the theme of the company’s philosophy and desired goals.


Actually, there is no standard size of the reception desk. It depends on the actual situation of your need. The length we usually make is 1.2m-3m, the width is around 0.6-0.8m and the height is 0.9-1.1m. The specific size depends on the size of the reception area and the number of staff.


Reception desk through grade classification, generally divided into marble stone reception desk, solid wood reception desk, laminate reception desk, and baking paint reception desk.

  1. Marble stone reception desk

Marble stone reception desk is mostly arranged in the broad 1-floor office hall. The marble stone reception desk is the most high-grade of all materials. Because the price of marble stone is relatively high, if a whole reception desk is made of marble, the price is relatively expensive.

  • Solid wood reception desk

The second is the solid wood type reception desk, this kind of reception counter is relatively rare, its workmanship is medium density board solid wood veneer, and the process is consistent with solid wood desk, solid wood manager desk.

  • Laminate reception desk

The next is the laminate reception desk, the surface finish of this kind of material is smooth and not easy to deform. High temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, moisture resistance, and easy to clean. Color variety, there are many colors to choose from, mainly pure color and wood grain color.

  • Baking paint reception desk

The most popular material of them is the baking paint reception counter. The basic material of the baking paint reception desk for the density board surface spray environmental protection type of environmental protection paint, repeatedly baked in the paint room, after forming the front desk bright color, smooth, very beautiful.


For the layout design of the reception desk, we need to make it according to the actual needs of users. Usually, we need to make the reception counter have the drawers, and storage cabinet, and install the sockets or USB for the users to connect to their computer.


The production of the reception desk if different materials the process is also different. According to the different materials can be divided into two categories: paint and paint free reception desk. Whether paint-free reception desk or paint reception desk can be used with other materials, common other surface materials are glass, stone, aluminum plate, and stainless steel.


Most simple – Custom White Artificial Stone Office Front Reception Desk

The most simple design of a reception counter is to make it pure color and without any complex shape. But we can add some led strip light for it, under the countertop or under the stainless steel toe kick all okay. This style of reception counter is suitable for some office buildings.

Most unique – Unique reception counter design company front desk

Not everyone wants the simple or modern design of the reception counter. Some companies like the creative advertising company, and entertainment company they want some unique designs for the reception desk. So a practical and beautiful front desk area design from where to start?

What are your ideal office and reception space? Your front desk should reflect your brand’s aesthetic. Do you want elegant, stylish, warm, rustic or classic? Consider a reception desk that elevates the space and reflects your brand. A unique, brand-enhancing front desk area will not only make your office look more upscale, but it will also make your company more professional.

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