What’s the difference between laminate and veneer

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Laminate and veneer are common materials in custom commercial display furniture. For example, making food kiosk is to use plywood as the base material, and use laminate as the surface treatment. And veneer use for some furniture or made decorations surface. Do you know what is the difference between them?

Material introduction

Laminate is to choose siliceous material or calcareous material as the main material. And add fiber materials, lightweight aggregates and adhesives into main material. Then through autoclave technology to make a fireproof decorative board.

The substrate of veneer is plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, etc. And then paste a layer of 0.2-1mm wood sliced slices on the surface of these substrates to make it. In this way, these boards surface have natural wood texture. So it has very good decorative properties.

The difference between laminate and veneer

Different substrates From the above material introduction, we can know that the main material of the fireproof board is formed after processing. And the base material of the veneer has been formed. Only process the surface.

Different appearance Observe the sides of the two, we will find the side of the laminate is very uneven. While the veneer is relatively smooth.

Different roles The laminate has good fireproof performance. And the veneer mainly has a very good decorative effect. Its appearance is very exquisite.

Fireproof board is a new type of surface decoration material. And it is currently very popular. Laminate has very good fire resistance. Besides, there are many advantages. Such as bright colors, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, no fading, easy cleaning, and affordable price. Because of these features, it often uses in custom display furniture. Most people choose fireproof board as the surface treatment of mall display kiosk.

The veneer is a material with good decorative properties. It has many colors and is easy to use. It generally attach to the surface of furniture or decorations first. And then paint it. (There are usually two types of paint. They are gloss varnish and matt varnish). The display showcases made of veneer are naturally connected, and have a texture similar to solid wood. Also the appearance of showcases is very beautiful.

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