What are the common types of coffee?

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With the blending of cultures from all over the world, our ancient country, which has used tea as a drink since ancient times, is now gradually accepting another drink from the other side of the ocean—coffee.

Nowadays, coffee seems to have become a daily necessity for many office workers and student parties. Today, we will introduce you to the common types of coffee on the market and their respective characteristics.

  1. Espresso:

The strongest coffee, small amount but strong, strong bitter taste, a great refreshing effect!

Espresso has the richest flavor of all common coffee types.

It originated in Italy and is generally used as the base for other coffees, such as latte, cappuccino, etc. Espresso is made directly from a coffee machine, using water at about 90°C and using high pressure to rush through the ground coffee powder and then flow out of the coffee liquid.

A serving of espresso is very small, usually only a small cup, which you can drink in one sip! However, because the water content is very low, the coffee is extremely concentrated, has a strong flavor, and is very thick in color.

2. Coffee Latte:

Italian espresso with milk, it has a strong milk flavor, so it is the best choice for breakfast.

With espresso as the base and steamed foamed milk, it smells full of aroma. Some senior baristas will also draw many very beautiful patterns on it, so latte coffee is very popular among female coffee lovers.

Compared with the softness of cappuccino, latte milk foam is less, and the milk aroma is stronger, which is more suitable for having a cup at breakfast.

Many people have complained that the taste of Starbucks latte is very weak, as if they always have the illusion of drinking pure milk. Here, everyone needs to understand that Latte in Italian actually means milk.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Italy, when ordering a latte at a local cafe, be sure to say your full name (Caffè Latte). Otherwise, if you just say “Latte”, the barista will actually bring you a glass of milk! So if you think Starbucks latte tastes weak, you might as well tell the barista: add an espresso, so that the taste will be stronger.

3. Cappuccino:

Italian concentrated and thick milk foam, dense and smooth.

Cappuccino and latte are basically similar in composition, with espresso as the base and foamed milk added. The difference is the thickness of the milk foam.

Cappuccino has more and denser milk foam. The coffee flavor is relatively light, but the milk flavor is also very rich, and the taste is softer than latte. If you like to drink soft foam, then cappuccino is your first choice.

4. Americano:

Italian espresso with water, it is more bitter, but it has the effect of losing weight!

Friends, you must have heard that coffee has certain weight loss effects, but this refers to “black coffee” with nothing added!

Most espresso or instant coffee is high in sugar, so you won’t lose weight by drinking it. What we commonly call “black coffee” is Americano coffee.

The American method is very simple. It also uses espresso as the base and then adds water to dilute it. To put it bluntly, it is a concentrate mixed with water. It does not contain sugar or milk. It perfectly retains the original taste of coffee, with a bitter taste and high caffeine content.

5. Flat White:

Soft and silky, full of fragrance, not irritating to the stomach!

Australian white, also known as “white coffee”, was born in the 1980s and is highly praised by coffee lovers from all over the world. Its origin is still inconclusive. Some people say it originated from Australia, while others believe it originated from New Zealand. .

It has many different names, Starbucks ca

lls it “Furui White”, Costa calls it “Chunyi White”, Luckin Coffee calls it “Australian White”, and McDonald’s calls it “Australian White”. Each name has a strong literary style.

As for its composition, it seems to be similar to latte and cappuccino, but there are still differences. The milk froth of white coffee is less than that of latte and cappuccino. The base of white coffee in New Zealand has replaced espresso with double Ristretto, that is, reduced concentration, which shortens the extraction time to less than 20 seconds. Compared with latte, white coffee has a much richer coffee flavor, while the milk flavor is relatively lighter, and the taste is smoother and smoother than latte.

6. Caramel Macchiato:

Vanilla-flavored syrup and caramel sauce are added to the coffee. If you like sweet drinks, don’t miss it!

The espresso base is mixed with vanilla-flavored flavored syrup, then steamed hot milk and milk foam are added, and finally caramel sauce is drizzled on top, which is quite high in both taste and appearance. Caramel Macchiato is a delicious coffee with a sweet taste, but it contains high sugar content, so people who lose weight should drink it less.

7. Cafe Mocha: Chocolate-flavored coffee, delicious but with the highest calories!

Mocha combines coffee, milk, fresh cream, and chocolate. It has a smooth texture and rich flavor. If you like the taste of chocolate, then Mocha will definitely satisfy your taste buds! Moreover, mocha has a strong sense of layering and has captured the hearts of many women in terms of appearance. However, I would like to remind my friends that this mocha, which combines cream and chocolate, is extremely high in calories!

8. Cold Brew Coffee: Extracted at a slow speed for a long time, the taste is smooth, fashionable and tasteful!

Cold brew, as the name suggests, is coffee that is brewed with cold water. Usually, whether it is espresso made with a coffee machine or hand-brewed coffee brewed by ourselves, hot water is used to extract coffee powder, and the extraction time is short. Cold brew coffee uses normal temperature water or cold water for extraction, but the extraction time will be as high as more than 12 hours, which is a slow extraction.

In such a long period of time, the coffee powder is fully soaked in water, so the substances contained in the coffee are fully released, and the coffee taste is more intense than American style. When drinking cold brew, you usually dilute it with water and then add ice cubes. The smooth taste is unforgettable, but it does not have the bitterness of American style. It is unique among coffees and has its own unique charm. It has attracted a large number of coffee fans around the world!

These are the types of coffee we often drink. If you have an idea to open a coffee shop, you can use this as a reference to determine the popular coffee you want to sell!

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