What’s the Best material to build a outdoor food store?

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As we know, food industry is the most popular service all over the world. There are many kinds, snack foods, fast food, bubble tea, candy, crepe, waffle, ice cream and so on.

For food store, it can located in mall or outdoor. To cater to the needs of different customers and bring freshness, outdoor food cabinets seem to be more popular. today in this article what i wanna share is some suggestion for how to build a outdoor food store.

Material choose:

For all outdoor store, the question need notice is Waterproof and sunscreen. so, it’s very stringent for the material choose.

1.Stainless steel.

Stainless steel as a outdoor food store is very good choose. it’s very healthy and safety, High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong plasticity, the surface is baking painting, it’s very glossy and smooth. do you like it?

2.Plywood with aluminium-plastic panel or solid wood.

Aluminium-plastic panel also is a very good outdoor surface finished, it’s one of type new decorative material, high hardness, Multi-color selection, easy construction. At the same time also has a very high hardness, waterproof performance is extremely strong.

Add a bit of wood to decorate appropriately can make whole cabinet more attractive. the wood grian color is so many kinds , the shapce can is strip, column, irregularity splicing and so on.

3.Shipping container food shop.

At present, the most popular is container food shop. It was converted from a shipping container, add windows and second floor. it have 20GP and 40GP. after add some hydraulic pressure system,It will expand the whole space by one or two times. can put service counter, table and chair.

Aavantages of container food shop.

  • easy to moved.
  • Resistant to corrosion and high temperature.
  • Plastically strong and portable.
  • long operating life

Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your outdoor food kiosk build. if you’re interested to start your outdoor food business, for more related information, contact us here!

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