The best way to design and manufacture jewelry display furniture .

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The best way to design and manufacture jewelry display furniture .

Six ways to improve the design ability of jewelry display cabinets are as follows:

1. Watching TV to get information: besides entertainment, watching TV to improve the designer’s ability is a good way. But to watch TV selectively, not all programs can improve your design ability of fashion, local customs, tourism, news, feature films, etc., watch selectively. The most important thing is to learn to look at different levels: the plot of the characters, the decorative environment (background) customs and customs, etc. separately, sometimes we can ignore the plot of the characters. So you can get more indirect information.

2. Understanding the owner’s habits: habits can also be understood as a person’s psychological and behavioral patterns. Understand the owner’s habits, do a good job of accumulating background information, so as to have a definite aim. This is also the premise of rapid design. This process is a process of accumulation, and only those designers who are good at observing and refining can quickly realize this accumulation.

3. Releasing the fetters of computers: The key to becoming a good designer is to get rid of the fetters of computers. If you can’t draw some sketches by hand and express the design connotation, you can’t become a good designer.

4. Listening: Grasp the key points. This is also a reflection of communication ability. Many designers pay special attention to the differences of each apartment and pay attention to them, but neglect to communicate effectively with the owners.

5. Experience promotion: people’s disposal of experience is divided into three levels. The first is that one practice is equal to the experience gained by others 5-6 times; the other is that 10 practices are equal to the experience gained by others 10 times; and the other is that 10 practices are equal to only a few experiences. Focus on Theme: Focus on Theme 1. Theme creation (sometimes fiction) can give soul to your project, whether simple, complex or not. This not only gives life to your works, but also makes you full of vitality in your work, and also makes the owners feel respect. Theme brings you together and integrates the owner with your ideas.

The design of jewelry display cabinet should also conform to the actual conditions:

1. The design and manufacture of display cabinet should conform to the reality and not be disorderly.

booth is composed of many aspects, including layout, lighting, color, charts, exhibits, exhibition shelves, exhibition equipment and so on. Good jewelry display cabinet design combines these factors to help exhibitors achieve exhibition purposes.

2. Showcase design should be concise and not complicated .The average person can only accept limited information in an instant. If the audience is in a hurry, they will not have hobbies unless they can get clear information in an instant. In addition, the complexity of the exhibition booth also easily reduces the efficiency of the exhibition cabinet production staff. Exhibits to choose a representative string of display, must have a choice, must abandon. Simplicity and clarity are the best ways to attract audiences. Photographs, charts and text descriptions should be clear and concise. Design decorations unrelated to exhibition objectives and contents should be reduced to a minimum.

3. The design of exhibition cabinet should focus on  display cabinet should have center and focus, and the focus of exhibition cabinet can attract attention. Focus selection should serve the purpose of exhibition. Generally, special products, new products, the most important products or the products that are valued. Through location, arrangement, lighting and other means to highlight key words exhibits.

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