The complete answer about why design is needed (Taking kiosk as an example)

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Every merchant wants the kiosk as their imagination. When you find a reliable manufacturer, you will first tell them all your requirements. However, after the manufacturer has known all the details of your requirements, will you want to directly produce them according to these descriptions?

Actually, sometimes you will also find that some ideas are difficult to express in words. Seeing is believing! We need to display all your ideas on the 3D renderings first so that you can intuitively see the real effects with your ideas and if omission.

In addition, if you want to start your business in the mall, you need to go through the mall’s approval. The mall will limit your size and review your materials and styles. In this case, you need a professional design to help you get your rental contract first and foremost.

Therefore, whether a company is professional or not can be reflected in two respects above.

Of course, the design process is not a one-time process. During the design process, it is easier to find the issues will happen in actual production, so it needs to be modified, which is inevitable. When the modification of the 3D design is confirmed, we will create a construction drawing for you to produce accurately.

Therefore, whether it is for your accurate ideas or for accurate production, it is inseparable to go through the design. Even if the styles are exactly the same, but the size is different, you still need to design. Because a precise construction drawing is based on the same size 3D design.

That’s to say,unless the style and size are exactly the same,if you want to get a kiosk you want, the design step is indispensable!

As for design process

1: Tell us all the details you want, including materials, colors, sizes, logos, lighting decorations, equipment and everything else you want.

2: Pay for the design fee 300$.(The design fee will be refunded totally when you order  the kiosk)

3: Do a 3D rendering according to all your requirements. After finished, we will send it for your check. If you are not satisfied, we will modify it.(modification is free)

4: 3D renderings confirmed, make a construction drawing.

5: Start production.

Production  time:  18-22 days

Our company is not only a direct selling company, but also have a design team with 8 years of experience. We have customized many unique and exquisite products to various countries, and help them quickly pass the audit of the mall through our professional design!

If you are looking for a satisfactory kiosk, shop, cart, container or others, please contact us in time, our team will help you tailor!

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