Sydney 5X3m mobile phone display kiosk

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This phone display kiosk brand is “TB mobile”. we had done two sets and export to Australia Sydney city. is for my customer Mr. Tty. he orders the first sets in Sept 2016. He likes the quality of our whole kiosk very much and gives a very high evaluation. It expanded its business within a year and quickly ordered a second set

More introduce about this phone kiosk:

Size: 5000X3000mm.

Color: white and blue.

Material : MDF, tempereed glass, stainless steel.

Service: Mobile phone, phone case display.

Accessories: led light, acrylic logo,wheels.

You can see the whole phone kiosk mainly tone is white, match a little blue color, three sides is glass shelves display cabinet. the front part is a cashier counter and a repair counter, front surface with Aluminum slot plate display. top part is hidden led light strip. is very nice and bright.

at the left sides is a single white door. you will notice it also is a cabinet with drawers. do you like it?

mobile phone display kiosk

Some real production photos to show

Thanks for your time and reading, if you’re interested to build a phone kiosk like this one, please contact us here!

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