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How was your weekend everybody?

I can’t share you a great new today. two months before we did a sweet corn kiosk for a Canadian customer,he just finished assemble last week.Now already started his corn business. He is very excited with our works,he said the kiosk is very nice and attractive,many people passed by were attracted by the kiosk,then stopped bought the corn.

 Maple Corn Kiosk Manufacturer

So his business is good.He even shared me the feedback photos for this sweet corn kiosk:

see this corn kiosk, it used corn color match leaf green,match the theme very well. On each corner has a corn shape modeling,looks very vivid. Around kiosk are many curved shape decorations, added led lights,seems very attractive and nice.

Back of the sweet corn kiosk is a bar counter, people can sit here to enjoy the food.

More info for your reference

1.Size:10ft by 10ft
2.Materials:E1 MDF,green baking paint,yellow baking paint,white corian countertop
3.Accessories:backlit logo,backlit signatures,hardwares,sinks,led light
4.Service:sweet corn,popcorn,drinks

Let’s see this corn kiosk design photos

do you like this corn kiosk?

If you are interested in it, just feel free send us an inquiry for more details! 
Mob(whatsapp):+86 13631655904

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