Skills of Peeling and Foaming of Baking Paint in Jewelry Show Cabinet

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In order to make the jewelry shops orderly, the merchants will choose to customize some standardized jewelry display cabinets in the shop, which can not only make the shop orderly but also better display the jewelry products. However, if the jewelry exhibition cabinet is used for a long time, there may be problems such as paint falling off and foaming.

If it is serious, of course, we can contact the jewelry exhibition cabinet manufacturers for after-sales maintenance treatment. If it’s not serious and doesn’t want to be so troublesome, the merchants can solve it by themselves. So today, Fanlu jewellery exhibition cabinet share how to maintain the above problems.

First: Paint peeling off

  • 1. Paint quality is not good and peeling;
  • 2. Decay of wood or rust of metal;

3. The surface of the jewelry display cabinet is too smooth, and the manufacturer uses varnish or powder base coatings. The paint can not adhere well on the surface of the display cabinet, resulting in peeling phenomenon.

Solution: If it is a small area of paint peeling, the simplest way is to use a black pen to fill in the falling place, white paint, can be filled in with correction fluid. Another way is to grind with fine sandpaper, then put putty on it, brush primer and then paint again, if it is a large area of peeling, then you must scrape all the paint off and re-paint.

Skills of Peeling and Foaming of Baking Paint in Jewelry Show Cabinet

Second, paint blistering

1. Wood grain cracking, there is a small amount of air inside, after the sun, air expansion, then the paint will bulge up, forming bubbles.

Solution: First, scrape off the foaming paint, then fill the cracks with resin filler, and then re-paint, or you can scrape off the paint without filler, and directly coat the micro-porous paint.

2. There is moisture infiltration under the paint layer. After sunshine, water becomes vapor, and then the paint top becomes bubbles.

Solution: First remove the foaming paint, let the wood dry naturally, then brush the primer, and finally re-paint the entire repair surface.

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