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When jewelry is displayed, one of the most important points that can not be neglected is the direction of display. Because jewelry is the first image to others, the direction is very important when jewelry is displayed. As for the choice of direction, we should consider the following points: (1) the key points of choosing and purchasing jewelry for the customers

(1). The direction of display kiosk in mall

jewelry is mainly displayed on the front, showing the main part of the jewelry and the most beautiful and beautiful side. Each product is accompanied by a price tag. Generally, the side that records the price is displayed to the customers. The display of the tag is significant, which facilitates the customers to understand and purchase the jewelry they need.

Choosing multi-level concave and convex placement and multi-shape combination of props and pieces is Chen’s method with “sense of measurement”. Shop Display Design of Jewelry Store Design Shop Display Design of Jewelry Store Design

(2) Show people with a front view

In order to highlight the “sense of measurement” of jewelry display, it is also necessary to consider which direction to display in order to make the jewelry group look large. If the jewelry is piled up irregularly, it will not give people a rich image of the product even though the quantity of the jewelry is large. Choosing multi-level concave and convex placement and multi-shape combination of props and pieces is Chen’s idea with “sense of measurement”.

(3) To dispense decoration products to show people

series of jewelry display can use beautiful decoration to dispense, to give customers a magnificent situation, rich products, clear theme image.

(4) Easy to buy

Jewelry kiosk in mall are quite different from other retail kiosk or coffee kiosk for sale .Which direction to adopt to display the activities most suitable for customers should also be considered. It is the most convenient way for customers to choose goods, which is the best place for products to be deposited.

(5) Composition of furnishings

Composition of furnishings includes various methods of furnishings. There are several ways to show different styles, generally as follows:

(6) Left and right symmetrical composition method

Two or more different colors and shapes of jewelry display counter are combined to form a wonderful contrast, contrast, hostility, hostility and differentiation, which constitute the difference of people’s sensory function. The intention is to contrast and to form an obvious visual effect.

has a clean and neat display function with fine retail counter, and the content and characteristics of the jewelry can be easily displayed by choosing the disorderly jewelry. Symmetrical display has no strength, but it has a sense of security, intimacy, the overall shape is regular, but slightly dull. Therefore, when the number of jewelry is large, this method can be chosen.

(7) comparative composition methods

The wonderful combination of two or more different colors and shapes of jewelry display stand are constitutes , contrast, hostility, hostility and differentiation. This constitute the difference in people’s sensory function. The primary intention is to contrast and constitute an obvious visual effect. Two pieces of jewelry are bound to be more attractive because they complement each other. Moreover, the comparison of the display has a strong impact, not only gives people a sense of security, but also can deepen the image of customers. Compare and take care of each other, the most important is outstanding main body product, taboo small army seize  Lord. For example: shape, color, texture, style and so on.

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