Riyadh 4×3 sacred grounds coffee kiosk

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This coffee kiosk be made in June 2018, it export to Riyadh. it can for selling coffee, juice, beverages and more.

Basic information:

Size: 4000X3000mm.

Material: plywood, fireproof plate, Corian,solid wood.

accesssories: acrylic logo. light box, led light.

Price: $9500 ( 100% customized and high-quality)

3D images

As you see the whole kiosk front part with a small cashier counter and beverage display fridge. also with two display shelves to show drinks. the back side is a coffee machine, juice machine stainless steel and a decoration shelves to put some cups. the top sides is a very simple solid wood ceiling. with luminescence acrylic logo, Lightbox, ceiling lamp.

Some real production photos

Thanks for your time and reading, if you’re interested to build a coffee kiosk like this one, please contact us here!

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